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Joe Biden is considering granting legal status to undocumented immigrants married to US citizens

Joe Biden is considering granting legal status to undocumented immigrants married to US citizens

President Joe Biden is considering legalizing immigrants who marry US citizens. (Joe Radle/Getty Images)

Administration Joe Biden It is considering granting legal status and work permits to hundreds of thousands of immigrants who entered the country illegally and married US citizens.

Published as Wall Street Journal (WSJ)The movement was vigorously debated within the party White House since last summer and seeks to support mixed-status families, in which usually one parent and one of the children are US citizens.

According to estimates by an immigration reform advocacy group, Fwd.usare approx 1.1 million immigrants Undocumented immigrants married to U.S. citizens who may benefit from this measure. Violations that prevent these spouses from being eligible for green cards or Green cards They vary, and often result from actions such as entering the country illegally or using false legal documents.

The White House is studying it using a tool called immigration “In Place of Parole”A measure that already exists in a smaller version for undocumented spouses of military personnel, This would immediately qualify many of these spouses A path to citizenship is made possible by eliminating administrative barriers that currently prevent people from obtaining green cards, not just for work permits.

1.1 million migrants could benefit from the new measure. (USCIS)

“Having some sort of plan in place gives us a sense of personal security ICE will not appear at our doorstep anytime soon,” he said. Wall Street Journal, Allison BautistaShe has been advocating for the cause since 2010 after unsuccessfully trying to sponsor her husband for a green card.

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Republicans have expressed opposition to such measures, saying they are an affront to immigration law. Republican Representative from Ohio Jim JordanChairman House Judiciary CommitteeThe administration, which oversees immigration policy matters, has strongly criticized these actions. “The Biden administration is pursuing illegals in front of American citizens”, and this decision would be another flagrant violation of immigration law.

The issue of immigration, always controversial and in the context of presidential elections, has led political advisers. Biden seeking a position at odds with the strict principles of Donald TrumpIncluding an executive order expected to dramatically reduce illegal entries at the southern border. “The administration is committed to ensuring that those who qualify for relief receive it quickly and to creating a more fair and humane immigration system.”said the spokesperson White House.

The same measure applies to undocumented spouses of military personnel, albeit already on a smaller scale. (USCIS)

Administration Biden Faced with growing pressure from both business groups and big-city mayors to launch a large-scale relief program to help mixed-status families.

The possibility of the 81-year-old taking such a significant step before the presidential election is seen as an opportunity to make a similar change. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) of management ObamaIt granted work permits and protection from deportation to more than 800,000 young undocumented immigrants. Dreamers.

Meetings between immigrant rights advocates, business leaders and US officials White HouseIncluding Tom Perez And Neera DantonAnd National Defense Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas participatedUnderline the level of commitment and seriousness to this issue.

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less than 700,000 of 1.1 million According to advocates' estimates, undocumented spouses eligible for the proposed program, The importance and impact of such a move would be enormous For thousands of families across the country.