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Venezuelan Barges Into US, Tells What They Asked Him In His Credible Fear Interview (VIDEO)

Venezuelan Barges Into US, Tells What They Asked Him In His Credible Fear Interview (VIDEO)

Every day, thousands of asylum seekers arrive at the border between Mexico and the United States
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A young Venezuelan man shared a similar experience trying to enter the United States and went through a credible fear interview. Deciding to share his entire process through his TikTok account, the man revealed the details of his encounter at the Calexico Port of Entry in California.

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Some people in the asylum or refugee process must demonstrate credible fear in order to reach the United States, in which the applicant indicates that they fear persecution or torture, or that they fear being returned to their country of origin.

According to user @khiminiz07, in his case, the application process took four hours from 2 to 6 pm. “At that point they take your fingerprints, DNA test and interview with credible fear,” he noted in his video.

Regarding that last point, the young man clarified that the questions asked at that event depended on the assigned immigration agent. “Some people speak Spanish well, others more or less, and others only speak English. The latter was my case, so we spoke to a translator involved,” he pointed out.

According to USCIS, what is “credible fear”?

After clarifying that the interviews were different, according to the officer on duty, the TikTok user described the questionnaire they were given. They asked me many questions: Why was I at that port of entry? And why did he come to America? And if I'm afraid to go back to my country, if they can call my country's embassy and announce that I'm there,” he explained.

“Actually, the situation there is a credible fear,” said the young man from Venezuela. “It is very important that they are prepared, that they receive advice and that if they are going to present themselves, it is for a specific and genuine case,” he warned in another video released a few days later.

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Regarding his process, the young immigrant asked, “Did you leave the Form I94 handy?, which is issued by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for aliens, and which allows them to adjust their status to the United States while they are in the country and extend their stay.

It is also important to highlight that the process for seeking asylum and asylum varies. In the latter case, DHS issues a Form I-94, which is an entry/exit record and does not expire. Additionally, they have additional procedures to obtain employment authorization.

Meanwhile, for asylum seekers, after obtaining this status, DHS will issue a Form I-94 showing their work authorization as “Asylum Indefinitely.” In both cases, applicants must examine their personal characteristics as per the guidelines established by USCIS.

It should be noted that credible fear is a “significant possibility” as indicated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Persecuted because of their country, race, religion, nationality, affiliation or political opinion.


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