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Fidel Moreno's ex-Sandinista deputy and “right-hand man” runs over a motorcyclist and flees

Fidel Moreno's ex-Sandinista deputy and “right-hand man” runs over a motorcyclist and flees

Former Sandinista deputy (2002-2006 period) and manager of the first division football team, Juventus, Reynaldo Mairena Vallejos, ran over a motorcyclist on the night of Sunday, April 21.

As seen in a video shared on social networks, Myrena was driving at high speed and in an apparent state of intoxication.

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The motorcycle was driven into the front of a white Chevrolet truck driven by a surgeon by profession, Renault Mirena.

The manager of the soccer team, head of the Nicaraguan First League, was detained by other motorcyclists in the area where the US embassy was located, about a kilometer from where he ran over the victim. It is impossible to get where the tragedy happened.

As of Monday morning, the condition of the motorcyclist was unknown.

He wanted to escape

In a video circulating on social networks, the former Sandinista legislator can be seen sitting on the sidewalk and being held by residents.

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A source from the Managua Mayor's Office revealed to LA PRENSA that Reynaldo Mairena, secretary of the Managua Municipal Council, is Fidel Moreno's “right hand” in soccer-related issues.

Reynaldo Mairena is also the head of the political secretaries of the National Liberation Front of Sandinista (FSNL) and appeared in football as vice-president of the Triangan team in 2014 and secretary of the same team in 2017, and since 2019 he has been the president of Juventus. Said information.

He was also the president and legal representative of the Nicaraguan Football Clubs (ANCF).

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