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He was attacked by an alligator in South Carolina but managed to survive with a screwdriver

He was attacked by an alligator in South Carolina but managed to survive with a screwdriver

A diver was attacked by a crocodile and is now asking for donations to operate on his injuries

A man who drowned in the Cooper River in South Carolina was attacked by an alligator. A man who makes it his pastime to search for fossilized bones in the depths of the water, comes face to face with the monstrous animal, which seizes him, drowns him, and nearly tears off his arm. “I knew I was going to die right then and there,” he recalls of that desperate moment in his original account.

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As shown on his Instagram account, Will Georgidis uses his free time to record videos in rivers, seas and lagoons with the aim of finding animal remains such as shark teeth. The results that appear on social networks are shocking: teeth of all types, colors and sizes. In fact, it has a collection of over 10,000 pieces available for sale.

Diver's Fierce Encounter with Alligator in South Carolina

On April 15, Georgidis was in the Cooper River. After a long diving session, when he found his oxygen tank had only 10 minutes left, he decided to pack up and head back home. As he floated, he was surprised to see a crocodile swimming near him. “He went straight to me,” she told The Post and Courier.

The animal charged at him, and at that moment, the only thing that crossed the man's mind was that his head was so insecure. So, instinctively, to protect himself, he raised one of his hands, which was seized by the reptilian jaws.

At that point, he said he had a moment of clarity. He knew that the animal would suddenly try to move and spin on its axis like a whirlwind and take it to the bottom of the river and try to swallow it. So, he uses his free arm and two legs to wrap around him and block the movement. However, he was not successful. Despite the size of 1.88 meters, he could not connect the ankles together, which serves as a reference to determine the size of the animal.

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The fight continued for a few more seconds. The crocodile was determined not to let go and gripped him in its jaws from wrist to elbow. Georgetis, for his part, managed to grab the screwdriver he was using to remove fossils from the riverbank and stabbed the crocodile repeatedly. He did not free him, but the opposite: the crocodile got angry, shook him “like a rag doll” and took him to the bottom of the river, 15 meters deep.

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