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Man throws money at NJ Mall - NBC New York

Man throws money at NJ Mall – NBC New York

Cash rain! It’s a gift from shoppers at a New Jersey mall for Mother’s Day.

Like a movie, the audience Freehold Raceway Mall On Sunday afternoon they began to see money falling from “paradise”.

Someone with a generous disposition started throwing a kind of unusual bill a minute from the second floor of the mall. I don’t know how much money fell, but it was definitely a blessing.

“We were shocked for a minute … a lot of people were shocked, aha, this is really happening,” said Sarah Mustapha, who stood in line and filmed what was happening. Starbucks.

Mustafa added that other buyers went to get the money for free.

“I thought it was a good time to catch someone doing good for a change,” Mostafa said. “I think it was very, very sweet. He said, ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ And began to pour money.

The person did not say his name or why he was paying. Mustafa said another woman in line, who may have been a mall worker, told her he had done the same on other holidays.

Our sister chain NBC New York Malai was contacted to see if there were any traces of the man’s identity, but Mall did not respond immediately.

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