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Maluma and J Palvin cause discomfort to Colombia over their stance on national strike |  People |  entertainment

Maluma and J Palvin cause discomfort to Colombia over their stance on national strike | People | entertainment

Both artists posted on social media messages regarding Colombians’ discontent with the tax reform.

it’s a Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 April It was two days of social unrest in Colombia due to a wave Popular demonstrations in the streets of several cities rejecting tax reform This, if approved without changes, would increase the price of many products in the family basket, as well as other services for common use.

After mass protests, Colombian President Ivan Duque announced a review of the tax reform project

Many celebrities and local public figures have posted messages supporting these displays to citizen dissatisfaction, such as Carol G.And even foreigners like Puerto Rican singer René Perez Joglar known as resident.

However, two Colombian music icons remained silent, leading to negative comments from their fans. Apparently, this situation caused both artists to finally post messages, but with content causing even more resentment, he mentions a note from a week (Bogotá).

MalumaIn a video clip, he indicated that he did not agree with the tax reform, but he refused Acts of sabotage Observed while filling. “I use my social networks to investigate a little about the problem that is happening in my country, in Colombia. It hurts a lot even if I am not there because it directly affects my family and the issue of tax reform affects me, and I really do not agree with it,” he commented in Part One. From the post.

But he added that it seemed to him “nonsense in every sense of the word how vandals took to the streets to do what they did yesterday. That’s not the way, my people, I think there are ways to protest and the best way is to do it in a way.” Peacefully … To all the people who went out yesterday and did their peaceful protest, I would like to congratulate them, and salute them, but on the other hand, the people who went out to commit sabotage This is the clear message: they did it wrong and they are not an example for the country, ”concluded the artist, who was criticized for preferring to highlight the negative side of those actions over supporting his citizens more firmly.

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J Balvin agreed with Maluma, Since he also voiced his opposition to tax reform, but stressed the violence in some cities, adding that the priority is taking care of health in the midst of the health emergency due to COVID-19.

Through his Instagram account, he posted a picture with the following message: I say no to tax reform, But not to sabotage those who take advantage of the situation to harm, steal or destroy people as an excuse for the march. Today should be the priority Health From all that, we are in a pandemic, we need to save lives. ” (I)