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With tight leggings, Yannette Garcia frames her curves

With tight leggings, Yannette Garcia frames her curves

the beautiful Ex-weather girl Yanette Garcia She decided to flaunt her stunning curves in her leggings, as she was quite a sensation on the popular social media network on Instagram where she was full of compliments.

The Effect Once again, he managed to attract millions of his followers on the social network of the little camera, Instagram, but this time with his clothes.

That’s right, once again leaving his social media followers amazed at flaunting comfy jeans and a glamorous black top, the undoubtedly perfect outfit to show off on the weekend.

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As you might remember, the Form At 30 years old, also from Monterrey, Nuevo León, she is one of the famous celebrities who are not shy about flaunting her sculptural figure in tight and small outfits, whether in dress, swimwear or family ensembles. A beautiful driver who surprises her followers.

Plus, as if that wasn’t enough, she’s also one of the artists who joined the popular platform for exclusive content of legal adults OnlyFans, as you remember, announced a few days ago on her social media networks like Instagram, which has 13.7 million followers. Fans first appeared on that platform.

The truth is, Regiomontana is constantly showing clothes on social networks, just like she did on Thursday, when her followers saw her in a perfect weekend outfit, as she dressed up in jeans with a very beautiful black backless top.

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On Instagram, millions of her fans have shared a picture of her wearing gray jeans and a backless blouse with black velvet fabric tied at the back.

It is worth noting that through his photography, he got nearly comments and more than 330,000 “likes”. Also, in the photo you can see him showcasing his wavy hair and simple and natural makeup.

If you have already woken up and seen how others around you are sleeping, walk on top of your fingers, respect their dreams and discover the perfection of their time, just as your time was perfect, ”Yanette wrote in the post.

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As you might remember, the TV presenter was also known as the “weather girl,” but now she’s much more than that.

The Mexican has made it clear that there have been many changes in her life, and in many cases, today, she seeks to separate two important aspects that distinguish her in her career: the sexy side and the health side.


The truth is that I, like everyone else, are recovering from the epidemic. It affected us all, in general I decided to come to the US, one, because my friend lives here and I want to be closer to him. The other reason is that I have a math app called FitPlan and all the content is logged from here, from Los Angeles, to digital platforms. ”

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Yanette, while happy to pretend in front of his followers, revealed that it is time to take the next step, monetize his content, at the same time, because it will also provide space for his social networks to share about his health projects, and he is in his words what you want to do for the rest of your life .

To me it just seemed right, I’ve created free content for seven years, with all of my heart, for all of my followers and now it’s time to take the next step, which is to turn my Instagram page into a completely health and wellness page, to continue helping thousands of people. “