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Make sure there is "monkey pox" in Juarez

Make sure there is “monkey pox” in Juarez

Chihuahua – The Department of Health reports that monkeypox has already been found in the state of Chihuahua, noting that two cases of this endemic disease have been confirmed in Ciudad Juarez.

This was announced this afternoon at a press conference attended by the Minister of Health, Fernando Sandoval, Dr Myrna Beltran Arzaga, Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, as well as Dr Jomaro Barrios Gallegos. Deputy Director of Epidemiology.

“Today in Ciudad Juárez we received the results of two male cases, aged 44 and 32, with a history of travel to Colombia. The health condition in both cases is stable and the development is satisfactory, and both cases since Thursday that the suspicion were in isolation and the virus was searched for,” Sandoval said. In some of those who are in contact with them, which is what we call the epidemic fence.” .

It is mentioned that the symptoms are manifested in high body temperature, muscle pain, headache, pain in the joints, lower back or spine, as well as swollen glands and fatigue, and indicated that the incubation period of this virus is up to 21 days.

Until now, health protocols to prevent the spread will be maintained, and residents have been asked to take preventive measures since the virus has spread by direct contact or contact with objects that an infected person has come into contact with.

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