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Petro considera que Guaidó es un presidente "inexistente"

Petro considers Guaido a “non-existent” president

Colombia’s President, Gustavo Petro, on Monday defended the restoration of relations with the Venezuelan government of President Nicolas Maduro because the opposition leader, who is recognized as president by the United States, He is a “non-existent” boss.

“It’s like Plato’s cave metaphor. See how these shadows move, But it is not realistic and does not existPietro noted in an interview with the Colombian “Semana” magazine.

When the interviewer asked if Guaido was a non-existent president, Petro answered emphatically. “Yes, of course. It has no control in Venezuela‘, has been riveted.

Guaido was scolded on Friday for Petro withdraws recognition as Venezuelan president in favor of MaduroWhich he considers that this “protects global terrorism”. “I wish his first decision would not have been to approach the person who protects the day of global terrorism in Venezuela,” Guaido told a news conference.

President Petro thinks he can handle a dictator like this “He has links with international terrorism just because of his ideological and economic affinity,” said the Venezuelan opposition leader.

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