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Luis Muñoz Marín Airport is launching a real-time parking counting system

Aerostar Holdingthe private operator of Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, has launched a system of electronic boards that indicate to drivers, in real time, the number of available spaces in the facility’s multi-storey car park.

Aerostar President Jorge Hernandez explained that the vehicle counting mechanism installed in multi-level car parks provides high accuracy and high passenger reliability. He explained that the information screens available in other airports around the world allow the visitor to know in real time the number of vacant spaces in each parking level.


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The system makes it easy to reduce the time drivers spend finding a parking space. Thanks to the information on the electronic boards, the search for spaces will become more flexible and will help to maximize the traveler’s time, which in turn enables faster boarding to his destination,” the executive said in a press release.

According to Hernandez, Installing the system was an investment of $200,000. This technology is based on a series of sensors, which capture the number of vehicles entering and exiting the structure and are instantly reflected on three panels located outside the building and two inside the building.

Since Aerostar has taken over management of the main airport in Puerto Rico, our goal has been to enrich and facilitate the user experience. One way to improve that experience is by using first-class technology and the proactive communication it allows with the consumer.”Hernandez added.

Aerostar recently expanded its long-term parking, adding 590 new spaces to meet demand for multi-day parking spaces. It is also expected that the new electronic counting system will be installed in the parking lot in the long term.

With the goal of elevating the traveler experience, Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) has reopened Terminal D. (David Villafane / Staff)
The event was attended by Senate President Jose L. Dalmau. Port Authority Director, Joel Beza; Governor Pedro Pierluizi and Aerostar President, Jorge Hernandez. (David Villafane / Staff)
The terminal will house a portion of the operation of regional, domestic and international flights at Puerto Rico’s main airport facility. (David Villafane / Staff)
Aerostar President Jorge Hernandez specified that the station would require an investment of more than $14 million. (David Villafane / Staff)
According to Hernandez, the airport has enough space to double its operations without having to do additional construction work. (David Villafane / Staff)
The new building has been completely renovated and “adapted to the new requirements of the visitor,” according to the president.
(David Villafane / Staff)
The opening was also in charge of Governor Pedro Pierluizi. (David Villafane / Staff)
The station has eight boarding gates. (David Villafane / Staff)
Pictured is architect Enid Soto. (David Villafane / Staff)
They perform the ribbon cutting of the station. (David Villafane / Staff)
Five of these stops will be for regional flights and three for larger capacity aircraft. (David Villafane / Staff)
The station will maintain closed areas, which will serve as a “reserve” in case of future expansion. (David Villafane / Staff)
Terminal D was practically closed or inactive for nearly a decade, after American Airlines dispensed with the island as its main connecting hub to the Caribbean. (David Villafane / Staff)
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Similarly, the company installed one hundred security cameras on the ceilings and walls of various levels with an additional investment of $200,000.

Part of the camera system, it is specially programmed to provide greater safety for vehicles and contributes to locating them based on their color, make and model.

These investments are in addition to the $14 million Aerostar set aside to reopen Terminal D last week, which contains eight passenger gates for primarily regional flights.