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Lucero: the singer's room, impeccable luxury |  Celebrities from Mexico |  nnda-nnlt |  Fame

Lucero: the singer’s room, impeccable luxury | Celebrities from Mexico | nnda-nnlt | Fame

He has built a successful, extensive and publicly recognized career. As a result of her work, she has been able to enjoy the economic stability that has allowed her to own more than one property for herself and her children, and as is logical within her home, the tastes and luxuries are non-existent. In a recent interview with Iberian journalist Alberto Pelaez, The Bride of America showed how her bedroom was decorated and organized, leaving more than one speechless.

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Actress and singer who dazzled everyone In the ’90s and early 2000s, he became a celebrity and a reference on the show, which is why fans are always curious to know what he does, how he dresses, how he sleeps… and even how his room is decorated.

The last time he greeted the Spanish broadcaster and journalist Alberto PelayesAnd he chose to do it in his bedroom. Both lay on the bed of the protagonist in soap operas such as “love links“,” Because of her I’m Eva “and”I am your master“.

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What does Lucero’s bedroom look like?

, his full name, commented on his preferences when resting in his bed. The Ex-wife of Mijars She noted that a good mattress and good pillows are very important to her, and if they weren’t within her reach, she wouldn’t have any problems.

In the program, we see that Lucero’s bedroom, like her everyday style, looks flawless, as nothing is out of place. In addition, the color of the room fits perfectly with the decoration of the bed.

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“Thank God, I sleep well, I didn’t suffer from insomnia or those things, and I don’t have to take pills either. Sleep is important to me and luckily I don’t have any problems with that, at most I avoid eating too much at night, well, I didn’t drink coffee because I I do not like it “He expressed it in conversation with Alberto Lopez.

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What do the children of Lucero do?

Jose Manuel Mijares Hogaza, 20, according to reports Since childhood, he devoted his life to the study of music. Since he was a kid he took lessons at the prestigious school Berklee College of Music, Boston.

Despite this information, he is not known outside of his private life, because his social networks are private and the only current photo in which he was seen was the one shared by his mother on his site. Instagram. This shot corresponds exactly to last year’s Christmas meeting. “Enjoy as a family celebrating moments of love and joy. Delicious food, friends and loved ones”His father wrote on that occasion.

What was known was that her children were currently separated from Lucero for studies, a fact that saddened the 52-year-old actress, who has publicly admitted it.

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the ex wife He answered a question about when he could return to acting in Mexican soap operas several years ago. There we can all know he has a claim in this respect.

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American brideHe admitted that it’s not easy going back to TV and that it’s not just about doing it for him, so he should analyze it well. From what I realized, it must have been a project that made her fall in love from the first moment and that meant a triumphant return to a part of her life that had given her so much success in the past.

“Going back to TV isn’t as easy as any story. I’m looking for something cute. I don’t know, but something like that that’s cute, that makes me fall in love, that catches me and that I think can appeal to the audience. I think I’ve made TV series so great that it makes me make just one for herSome of his words were.

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Her full name is Lucero Hogaza León, better known as Lucero or America's Bride, and she is a Mexican singer-songwriter, actress, TV presenter and businesswoman (Photo: Lucero/Instagram)
Her full name is Lucero Hogaza León, better known as Lucero or America’s Bride, and she is a Mexican singer-songwriter, actress, TV presenter and businesswoman (Photo: Lucero/Instagram)

What does Lucero think about old age?

During an interview with the Mexican magazine “CARAS”, He reviewed his career and talked about his plans for the future. Plus, she’s been honest about what she thinks about aging, motherhood, and the role of women today.

In the conversation, the “Bride of America” ​​mentioned her ex-husband Megaris, who dedicated a few words to the actress: “What I like about Lucero is that she enjoys everything she does, both personally and professionally.”. And this is so true, because Lucero has shown that every project she takes on is done with great passion. But what does Lucero think of old age? If you want to know .

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Who was the man Lucero was interested in when she was on her honeymoon with Mijares?

After the influencer’s questioning, Lucero said that during her honeymoon on a cruise English man performing reading card display. The artist emphasized that the mysterious topic would have attracted her attention, but her heart and affection were with her husband.

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There was a gentleman on the flight and it was fun. He was a man who gave the readings.”Lucero explained, confirming that she felt nothing more about him. Later, Megaris admitted that a person with English citizenship, he also liked.

What does ITATÍ think of the contouring of the relationship between Lucero and Megaris?

Itati Cantoral, famous for her character in Montenegro chandeliersthe villain in “Maria from the neighborhood”, was full of praise when describing his excellent relationship with Lucero and Mijares. And I was able to witness the excellent relationship they maintain.

They are the best ex-husbands I’ve ever met.Ladies and gentlemen, this is no joke.”the actress commented when talking about her compatibility. “What the parents of the ex-spouses, if that’s how the divorce was done, it’s so good, let them do it again, they are a wonderful couple”She added the translator who shows her distinctive sense of humour.