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Adamari López introduces his niece and creates a sensation with a video on the networks

Adamari López introduces his niece and creates a sensation with a video on the networks

Adamari López has proven that he has a great sense of humor and interacts well with his fans on social networks, where he has millions of fans. But it seems that the one who has caught the attention of his followers now is his niece Adel, who caused a stir in a recent video in which she appeared with her aunt. The clip received thousands of views and hundreds of comments.

Lopez, originally from Puerto Rico, is very active on her accounts on platforms such as Instagram, where she has 8.9 million followers, with whom she shares videos and photographs of her projects and off-camera activities. One of the main characters in her posts is her daughter Aliya, although the host sometimes invited other members of her family.

Adamari López’s niece who conquers social networks

The 52-year-old actress shared a video clip last weekend on the social media network owned by Meta, where she was seen sitting on a sofa with her niece, Adil Marita. “Family love is so beautiful, and I love how expressive my niece is. Do you have relatives like that? ‘Very expressive?'” the clip’s description reads.

With Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” as background music, Lopez is seen displaying a series of blank sheets of paper with phrases written in cursive. “Adel is my best friend,” “She is noble,” “talented,” and “eloquent,” are the words with which the broadcaster describes her niece.

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The funny moment in the clip came when it was Adel’s turn to show his signs. According to what was seen, the woman, who is also the wife of the producer of the “El Gordo y la Flaca” program, Luis “Bombelo” Medina, holds only a piece of paper on which is written: “Adamari is my aunt.” To the skeptical gaze, she gathers De Lopez, who is waiting A few more expressions appear, and finally, after she has already resigned, she takes her and her niece’s hands to form a heart.

Although it was all a joke of the Puerto Rican, who always enjoyed showing her comedic and relaxed side on social networks, her niece attracted the attention of fans. “How nice!”; “You look like sisters”; “How beautiful! They made my day”; “Beautiful inside and out”; “Infinite beauty” were some of the comments that could be read in the post.

What will Adamari Lopez do for Christmas?

In a recent interview with Univision, Lopez revealed that he will spend next Christmas at his home in Miami with his daughter. However, due to a health problem suffered by one of her husband’s brothers, she made the decision, along with her ex-husband Tony Costa, to be in Puerto Rico to spend New Year’s Eve, also with Alia, who will be traveling to be in Puerto Rico. With her mother’s family in this difficult situation.

“Tony has given me the opportunity to also celebrate these dates with Alia, who he had to spend them with, and we will spend them as a family in Puerto Rico,” the host said. For this reason, she thanked her ex-partner for giving her and her daughter the opportunity to come together at a difficult time for their loved ones.

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