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Valentino Lanos, soap opera actor who was Amber Heard's boyfriend |  Johnny Depp |  Celebrities from Mexico |  nnda nnlt |  Fame

Valentino Lanos, soap opera actor who was Amber Heard’s boyfriend | Johnny Depp | Celebrities from Mexico | nnda nnlt | Fame

As a result of the fact that one of the most medical experiments in recent years in the United States is taking place between two famous people with an international name: s many users They were remembering each actor’s past.

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Going back to a few years in the actress’s life from “AquamanShe woke up that paragraph in her life, which she was emotionally connected to is a Mexican actor who has starred in several television series.

The incident spread on various social media platforms such as and Facebook and so it became the topic of the moment, so we will now briefly recall that relationship between the actors.

How was the relationship between hearing amber and VALENTINO LANÚS?

The two artists could have met at the beginning of 2006, when Valentino was already the lead in several series. 31 years old, while the blonde actress was only 20 years old and just starting her career Hollywood.

The love appeared between the two when they started going together to different events in s which shows that their relationship was going from strength to strength.

However, the plans between them did not materialize and after 10 months of starting dating, they took different paths, ending that relationship that few remember today.

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Valentino Lanos and Amber Heard were married in 2006 (Image: Twitter)

What are Valentino Networks doing at the moment?

After many years of success in soap operas, the actor decided to retire to pursue other goals and dreams that also became his passion.

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In this way, he became a spiritual guide and yoga teacher in high demand by hundreds of people.