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Mago Aguilar, Why is the Black Sheep of the Aguilar Family Famous from Mexico |  Fame

Mago Aguilar, Why is the Black Sheep of the Aguilar Family Famous from Mexico | Fame

The Aguilar Dynasty was in the middle of a storm – due to an issue that is causing some controversy in And many Latin American countries after learning this He was in a relationship with the singer who is fifteen years older than her.

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cousin Angelawas asked about it and kept her specific opinion on this pending emotional bond, but did speak about some aspects of her family that she described as conservative.

There he realized the feeling of being a “black sheep” Aguilar dynasty Because it feels more liberal in some issues that can raise some controversy in others.

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Majo and Ángela Aguilar are cousins ​​and both delight their fans with their tender voice (Image: Instagram)

Magu Aguilar criticizes his family

During an interview with “Venga la alegría” the singer also spoke about the way her family members think and focused a lot on her father, Anthony Aguilar Jr.and uncle, .

She criticized in her statements the fact that they are both very conservative despite being people who have traveled the world and are very cultured, although she also made it clear that she respects everyone’s way of thinking.

“Both my uncle and dad are very cultured minds because they know a lot about the world and also have that part of a tradition. Strangely enough, they can be open about some things and not others”the artist pointed out.

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Why is Magu Aguilar considered the “black sheep” of his family?

In her statements, the young artist also admitted that she is more extroverted than other members of her family, describing herself as “black sheep“For everyone.

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Moreover, he took the opportunity to realize that he loves to show his body through bikini photo posts, even though his mother does not like that.

“I’m going to accuse my mom. She said to me ‘Picture your bikini again?’ And I answered yes because I like to show my body and there is nothing wrong with that”he added.

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