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Lucero is back in the series

Lucero is back in the series

Every time a telenovela is broadcast Lucero It is a huge success, and it seems that tomorrow will be no exception to the 2:30 pm repetition by Las Estrellas, of the famous story he starred in 2005 alongside Fernando Colonga,”Fridge.

He will talk about this tomorrow on his YouTube channel in the “So much to say” section, which, as usual, we present to you exclusive a Advance.

“Hippolita made a great character, back then my girl I just gave birth to Lucerito Mijares, I discussed it with my husband at that timeShe supported me, and told Carla Estrada yes. I was overwhelmed by the issue of the baby and breast milk. It was a very complex novel and it was a hard time in my life to write a story in those circumstances.” Indian.

he added, “Because it was from that period, it was a stressful TV series, an entire city was built as a specific design. Every day I had to go there and leave my daughter at home, well taken care of, Jose Manuel’s son in kindergarten.

further commented, “It was a luxurious crew, an incredible story, I was nominated for an American Emmy for that character and they gave me and it was a great gift. It was a great gift. Big party in New York.

Tomorrow the full video is on his YouTube channel.

The telenovela Alborada will be re-released from Lucero

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