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This is how Walo Silvas, from MS Band, takes care of losing 30 kilos |  News from Mexico

This is how Walo Silvas, from MS Band, takes care of losing 30 kilos | News from Mexico

Mexico City. – singer of the band MS, Oswaldo SilvasHe made it clear that he could achieve any goal he set for himself after that He is going through a radical physical transformation that has managed to surprise hundreds of his fansBecause the musician lost 30 kilos with effort and medical help.

Previously, the celebrity also known as Walo indicated that he has always had Obesity problems due to lack of exercise, which he posted on social networks, until one day he decided that he did not want to continue living this lifestyle and chose to improve his health.

As part of this difficult process, the Mexican translator underwent a few months ago Bariatric surgery to lose weight and body fat, in addition to speeding up the radical transformation a little more. And now, after a lot of dedication, he is constantly exercising and dieting.

During an interview with “El gordo y la flaca”, Silvas gave more details about how the operation took place in recent months, in which he lost 30 kilos.

I lost about 30 kilos with a lot of exercise, a lot of diet and a lot of discipline. He admitted in the program that bariatric surgery is a process that helps people who suffer from obesity to control food.

In addition to the singer MS . Panda He explained that from his point of view it is very important to take weight into account, because he does not think that it is normal to weigh extra kilograms and make the situation worse, because A disease that can harm the body and quality of life.

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“For many people who are not obese, it is easy to say ‘stop eating,’ but the problem with obesity is that it is a disease and it should be treated as such,” Wallow said.

Before and after Oswaldo Silvas

From his Instagram posts, the popular Mexican band singer shared various photos She reveals her makeover and what she looks like now that she’s lost more than 40 pounds.

And before the infamous change of image, Oswaldo Silvas became a trend in social networks after users noticed how he had changed in recent months, so Pictures began to spread on the platforms.

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