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Loyola will finally teach medicine in Seville in the 2024/25 academic year

Loyola will finally teach medicine in Seville in the 2024/25 academic year

the Loyola University He will finally transfer a degree Medicine in it Academic year 2024/25. This degree was scheduled to be offered for the academic year that began a month ago, but the objections of the Scientific and University Quality Agency in Andalusia (Aqua) prevented the achievement of this goal, which would finally be achieved within a year.

Chairman of the Andalusian Military Council, Juanma MorenoHe announced in an interview with this newspaper that Loyola will study medicine next year. Let us remember that such a possibility cannot be implemented this year, “as it has been paralyzed by Aqua.” He asserts that “the problems will be solved this year.”

The aforementioned agency is affiliated with the Andalusian Military Council, but it is completely independent in its decisions. Not only did Accua reject the Jesuit University of Medicine project; Nursing. This is the decision that prompted Loyola to resort to it General Council for University Policyaffiliated with the Ministry of Universities. Of the two appeals submitted, there was only a response to the nursing application, which was returned to Accua, which finally gave the green light, allowing the said degree to be taught in the current academic year. Loyola has already contacted students who registered for this degree in April to formalize their registration.

Lack of doctors

In the case of medicine, it was not known when it could be introduced, a doubt clarified by the Andalusian president. Next year will be when these health studies are developed at Loyola. Juanma Moreno justifies this decision in The need for doctors in the Andalusian health system several years. This deficit aims to be alleviated by the two new public medical colleges in Almería and Jaén, which are already operational, and a third private college, affiliated with Jesus, which will be launched in September 2024.

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This will take place at the Seville Campus owned by the Academic Foundation in the municipality of Dos Hermanas and within The new building opened a few weeks ago. More than $30 million was invested in its construction and equipment.

A medical degree is part of Loyola Health Complex, composed of several titles. Including non-clinical ones (Pharmacy, nutrition, biotechnology, physical activity and sports), focused on maintaining health; And doctors (Medicine, nursing and physical therapy). Added to the latter psychologyIt is a certificate that the private university has been teaching for several years.

A campus with a capacity of 1,800 students

The Loyola Health campus, when at full capacity, will accommodate; 1800 students. He is at its helm as dean Antonio Nunez Roldan As Deputy Dean, Herminia Romero Ramos, two professionals with distinguished careers in healthcare. In addition, its facilities contain pioneering equipment in this type of teaching: delivery room, operating room, critical care room, intensive care room, triage, five consulting rooms and a multi-fusion room. Agreements have also been reached with various private health centers for students to undertake internships. For medicine, applicants took a specific entrance exam in April.

The medical training offer in Andalusia will be expanded in the medium term with another private university: CEU Fernando III, in Bormogos, whose start of operation for the next academic year was approved this week by Parliament. In the second stage, health degrees will be taught.