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The Faculty of Educational Sciences celebrates the second University Conference on Psychology of the University of the Arab Maghreb

He holds a master’s degree in psychology from university de Málaga organized, with the coordination of Professors Juan Leyva and Rocco Lavin, the University’s Second Conference on Educational Psychology: “Approaches to Reality”, in collaboration with the Office of the Vice-President for Students and Sport, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Fundación Olivares and the Research Groups on Inclusive Educational Innovation and Development, IdEi (HUM- 1009) and specific educational support needs in children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders, NEAEplus (HUM-347).

The aim of this conference, which will be held until tomorrow, Wednesday 24, is to bring students from the faculties of educational sciences, psychology, and speech therapy closer to the realities and experiences that children or youth can find in situations of distress. . Weakness.

The opening ceremony of this conference was attended by the University’s Assistant Vice President for Student Services, María Jesús Martinez. With professors Juan Leyva, Rocco Lavin, Antonio Mata and Dolores Madrid.

The day began with the story and experiences of four teenagers and representatives of the Olivares Foundation. In addition, different situations encountered in vulnerabilities were addressed with early attention and concern for early childhood, primary, and adolescent students.

In tomorrow’s session, knowledge of other facts will be addressed from the point of view of compensatory education schools, and from the point of view of social networks and their good use.

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