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Los Genios: Where to buy Jaime Bailey’s new book in Lima? The writer takes a promotional tour of the bookstores | Mario Vargas Llosa and Gabriel Garcia Marquez TRCM | Offers

Attend the Jamie Bailey In Lima it was popular among some of the regulars in the libraries in Lima. The US-based writer is close to launching a new work for Spanish independent publisher Galaxia Gutenberg, which announced the book’s publication on March 22.

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It wouldn’t just be any business, if it ever was. Bayley himself asserted that it was his “most ambitious and dangerous” novel. And it is that in his new work called “Los Genios” he reviews a decade of friendship between two literary laureates. Mario Vargas Llosa And Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1927 – 2014), which ended after a fight between the two.

A month after its release, Jaime Pelly’s existence is closely linked to this event. Sources close to the “Los Heraldo Negros” bookshop, which will distribute “Los Genios” in Lima, indicated that the writer began promoting his new publications on various shelves in the capital on Monday, February 20.

Jaime came to Lima to announce the pre-sale of his book until March 21st. He Like Vallejo Librería Café, in San Isidro, later it was in Book Vivant, and Aberu, ”they pointed out to Trum. For the time being, no contact is planned between the writer and his readers, but promotional visits will continue in the following days.

Pre-sale of the 224-page work can take place via “Los Heraldos Negros”, plus among others. The book will be sold for 79 soles.

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What is the subject of the book “The Geniuses of Jaime Bailey”?

The new publication recreates Vargas Llosa and García Márquez’s friendship in the 1970s in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Both writers emigrated from Latin America to Europe where they furthered their careers as writers. The official review of Jaime Bailey’s book notes:

Cover of Jaime Bailey’s new novel, Los Genios.

Two literary geniuses coexist in Barcelona in the 1960s. A few meters separate their apartments, they see each other almost daily. They write about each other, share friendships, party nights, conversations about books and writing, and above all the brilliant start to their literary careers which, under the leadership of who would become one of the most powerful literary agents in the world. It will lead them to have millions of readers across the planet and to receive the Cervantes Prize and the Nobel Prize among many other awards, he predicts.

Mario Vargas Llosa is still news

Since last December, Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa has been in the news about the end of his relationship with Isabel Presley after eight years of dating. However, in recent weeks the international press has turned to another landmark event in the award-winning writer’s life.

In a landmark work given that he is the first writer not to have written a work in French to be included in this anthology.

Writer Daniel Rondo displayed the banner of Leoncio Prado Military College during Vargas Llosa’s induction ceremony to the French Academy.

The ceremony was marked by emotions during his speech as well as by the gesture of the French writer Daniel Rondowhich showed a banner from Leoncio Prado Military College.

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