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Lobelo Rivera attacked Juan: 'He doesn't have a mother*'

Lobelo Rivera attacked Juan: ‘He doesn’t have a mother*’

Lupilo confirmed that he supports his nephews and condemns Juan’s behavior (Images: Instagram @lupilloriveraofficial/juanriveramusic)

The Rivera family has been talking about her ever since shakes Assumption revealed $80,000 stolen that existed in one of the companies Jenny Rivera by someone close to rosy. it is now Lubelo Who criticized his brothers, mostly from Juan to ask him 300 thousand US dollars For his nephews to work in companies Diva group.

since Janie shakes Rivera stated that supposedly Someone stole money from him Jenny Rivera fashion, the relatives involved in her accusations defended themselves with different arguments, and there are also those who supported her, such as the case of Credo bull.

In an interview with Fat and thinThe singer confirmed his support for his nephews and Jenny’s kids and left against Juan, with whom He starred in the confrontation of Dimes and Shields Since May 2021.

The singer said he doesn’t approve of his actions for his brother Ask money from his nephews How did you discover it shakesHe was paid a monthly salary for what he did inside companies Diva group. He confirmed that Juan as an employee of Jenny Rivera projectsAnd I shouldn’t ask for more money What is the condition that his salary be.

Juan Rivera has already defended himself against his niece's accusations and confirmed that he will reveal papers showing his work (Image: Instagram/@juanriveramusic)
Juan Rivera has already defended himself against his niece’s accusations and confirmed that he will reveal papers showing his work (Image: Instagram/@juanriveramusic)

“Now that they want to ask their nephews for money to be there, this does not have a mother*, Truth. I mean, of course, no. When you are an employee of any company, You are just an employee. If Juan has good ideas, then you should praise his ideas, but that’s how it goes.”

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He also hinted that If you think the theft was committed Jenny mentioned it because of the stance taken by Rosie and Juan when it became known that an audit was going on at Jenny’s companies because the requested reports had not been delivered.

“When you do a job and you have nothing to hide, you show all the papers at once, and you don’t have to wait for ‘Let’s do this’, ‘Let’s talk about it.'” It is an insulting blunt. But If you get angry, that means there is a problemThis should not be there. Long accounts, clear friendships, that easy “

Rosie avoided responding to Chikes' accusations and only confirmed that it was the devil's plan (Image: Instagram/rosierivera)
Rosie avoided responding to Chikes’ accusations and only confirmed that it was the devil’s plan (Image: Instagram/rosierivera)

But he assures that this theft will not be the only one. Lobello argued that if someone had access to all the money, he had succeeded in stealing a small amount, then there might also be thefts of larger amounts, as he said: “As I said shakes Straight: From the 80,000 you know. If you had $10 million, you wouldn’t just steal 80; If you steal, you will steal well“”.

the Credo bull comprehensive He went against his mother And those who spoke ill of children wonderful lady, because he believes that ambition in his family has triumphed.

“I say it There is a lot of ambition Now it is about the tree of Jenny Rivera, because it is a tree that is still bearing fruit,” he said. He added that my manager (Rosa Saavedra) He will defend his children, where I say we could be wrong. Correct actions should tell you “If you do this, if you do this, then we have to sit down”, because There are no sides hereHere the faces are always on top,” he concluded his remarks.

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