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LIVE: great gameplay!  Samuel Alvear rallies for Upnfm against Honduras, Progreso en el Nacional - Diez

LIVE: great gameplay! Samuel Alvear rallies for Upnfm against Honduras, Progreso en el Nacional – Diez

Welcome to the UPNFM VS Honduras 1-minute program

41: Outstanding! Ronald Montoya falls on the grass after colliding with Marcelo Canales.

38: I veered off! A powerful shot by Marcelo Canales against Celio Valares.

36: Yellow to Upnfm!

Elder Torres has been booked for violent play against Marcelo Canales.

35: oblique! Rafael Agamez’s shot ended over the Oppenfum goal

30: Gooooooooooool! Great move down the left wing. Samuel Elver scores 2-1 after a pass from Jero Roches. Define down Jose Mendoza’s legs.

27: Danger! Elder Torres Center (Upnfm), the ball ends a few meters away from José Mendoza’s goal.

25: Yellow for Honduras Progresso!

– Defender Arnaldo Urbina is reserved for violent play after a tough foul against Samuel Elver

22: Yellow for Honduras Progreso!

– Defender Edwin Maldonado has been booked for violent play.

17 is missing! Elder Torres commits a crime against Jose Barreto (HPD).

14: GOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL! Michael Osorio scored 1-1 with a perfect free kick. Jose Mendoza couldn’t do anything to avoid the score.

12: Yellow for Honduras Progreso!

– Defender Helder Colon (HDP) has been reserved for violent play. UPN has a chance to score on the edge of the region.

11: Danger! UPNFM corner kick. Goalkeeper Jose Mendoza rejects the ball with a punch.

9: Missing! Samuel Elver comes off Christian Sacaza in half the field.

08: Marcelo Canales (HDP) escapes from the left wing. Montoya (Upnfm) closely follows the lower part of the lateral line.

04: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL! Rafael Agamez headed home 1-0 against UPNFM. The play followed Arnaldo Urbina’s pass, and Marcelo Canales appeared in the area receiving the ball, but his first attempt broke off the crossbar. Upon rebound, the Colombian took advantage of it to score.

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02: Corner kick for Honduras Progresso! Marcelo Canales charges the stadium.

01´: Caught offside! Long ball by Arnaldo Urbina to help Marcelo Canales (HDP)

4:59 pm The ball is moving in Tegucigalpa National Stadium!

4:57 PM: Clubs hold a minute of silence in memory of Rui Bosas (former goalkeeper) and Jose de la Paz Herrera (Chelato)

Start the first time!

The confirmed Honduran assortment: Jose Mendoza, Helder Colon, Gyro Puerto, Marcelo Canales, Matias Rotundi, Raphael Agames, Edwin Maldonado, Arnaldo Urbina, Jose Barreto, Christian Sacasa, Oscar Gonzalez

The squad confirmed by UPNFM: Celio Valladares, Autonel Osorio, Elder Torres, Ronald Montoya, Luis Arenal, Marcus Judy, Sendel Cruz, Jairou Rochis, Samuel Elver, Axel Gomez, Juan Ramón Mejia

UPNFM This Saturday faces 5:00 pm before Honduras Progreso at the Tegucigalpa National Stadium Back at the start of the Tour qualifiersNew Innogen 2021.

This will be the first time Wolves and Ribereños Faces are shown in such an example. However, they have historically met on regular laps since the DC team was promoted in 2017.

Wolves have a balance in their favor with 9 wins against five of Honduras Advance And a tie. Fans prefer a team Suleiman NizarBut don’t underestimate the power of this new groupe Fernando Araujo who saved the touchdown to join the big party.

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How do both teams reach?
Honduras Progreso qualified to the league, and finished second in the standings with 15 points. The students did it with the highest score (19), but in third place in the group from the south-central region, they fought with Olympia and Motagua.

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Chain between both of them

Historical series15 matches: UPNFM 9 won, Honduras Progresso won 5, Draw 1
UPNFM scored 24, and Honduras Progresso scored 16

The series is in Tegucigalpa: 5 matches: UPNFM won 3 and Honduras Progresso won 2
UPNFM has scored 7 goals and Honduras Progresso has scored 6

Who will be the rulers?
The main referee will be Alex Morazan accompanied by Juan Rodriguez and Kelvin Fides. The fourth referee will be Nelson Salgado.

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Where do you play the game?
TigoSports HN will be broadcasting at 5:00 pm

The other key will be disputed between Vida and Motagua. Their first match will be on Sunday at 3:05 AM from Estadio Municipal Ceibeño.