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Live: Astronaut Frank Rubio returns to Earth to break a record

Live: Astronaut Frank Rubio returns to Earth to break a record

Record-breaking NASA astronaut Frank Rubio will return to Earth on Wednesday, September 27. Rubio recently set a new record For the longest single stay in space by a NASA astronaut, surpassing the year he spent on the International Space Station (ISS).

NASA Live: The official broadcast of NASA TV

Rubio and two other ISS crew members will return to Earth this week, and NASA will broadcast their journey live if you want to watch at home.

What to expect on the return trip

NASA astronaut and Expedition 69 flight engineer Frank Rubio works inside the Destiny Laboratory module on the International Space Station. a pot

Rubio will return to Earth with two astronauts RoscosmosSergei Prokopyev and Dmitry Petlin, who also stayed on the station for 371 days in space. They will travel aboard a Russian Soyuz MS-23 spacecraft, which will detach from the station’s Prichal module before returning during the early hours of the night and landing near the city of Jezkazgan in Kazakhstan.

From their landing site, the trio will travel to Karaganda, Kazakhstan, and Rubio will then head to Houston on a NASA plane.

The trio has been in space too long, partly due to a problem with their original spacecraft, Soyuz MS-22. The spacecraft arrived at the space station carrying the three crew members as planned in September 2022 and docked with the station with the aim of returning the trio in March of this year. But in December 2022, the spacecraft was seen leaking coolant, and was deemed too dangerous for humans to travel on.

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Another Soyuz, MS-23, was sent as a replacement in February, and MS-22 returned to Earth without passengers. Now the three will return in the replacement spacecraft, which has had no problems.

How to watch the return flight

NASA Television will broadcast the return flight of Soyuz MS-23 live, starting at 12:01 a.m. ET on Wednesday, September 27, with coverage of the crew’s farewell and hatch closing. Undocking coverage begins at 3 a.m. ET (midnight PT), and the undocking is scheduled for 3:55 a.m. ET (12:55 a.m. PT). Coverage of the orbit burn and landing begins at 6 a.m. ET (3 a.m. PT), with the first scheduled for 6:24 a.m. ET (3:24 a.m. PT) and the second at 7:17 a.m. PT Eastern (4:17 a.m. PT).

You can watch the live broadcast by going to NASA YouTube Live Stream Or by using the embedded video near the top of this page.

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