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NASA warns of power outages due to solar storm

NASA warns of power outages due to solar storm

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just the past July 3 DISCOVER big solar flare and recently NASA I declare that this phenomenon has left the sun and is now moving rapidly towards Earth, a fact that can generate interruptions in communication networks.

The government agency from United State It states that a solar storm is heading towards Earth at 1.6 million kilometers per hour, The number can be increased.

This phenomenon has been described assolar wind stream high speed’, they expect wind numbers to reach up to 500 kilometers per second.

at the same time Space Weather Forecasting Center (SWPC) subordinate United State He says an impact from the solar storm can cause “Wide dimming of high-frequency wireless communication” in an estimated time of one hour.

This will not be the first time, because when there was a similar brief phenomenon Radio blackout On the Earth, although it will now be larger in size. This is the most powerful solar glow Discover service NOAA (National Oceanic Administration and Atmosferic).

The solar storm resulted from a spot on the King’s star called AR2838 In the early hours of July 3, which they rated as X1.5 for him SWPC. The class X فئة It has more intense fire and number according to its strength.

Satellites in the upper atmosphere of the Earth disturbed, which will affect the systems GPSand cell phone signal and satellite TV, with the potential of electrical networks.