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Lisandro Macarrulla considera que si de vender Punta Catalina se trata, la intención la tenía el PLD

Lisandro Macarola considers that if it was a question of selling Punta Catalina, the intention was PLD

The Minister of the Presidency, Lisandro Macarola, considered that If anyone has the intention of selling the Punta Catalina Thermal Power Plant to the private sector, it is the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD).In addition to assigning public opinion comments to a “political administration”.

Macarola noted that, as President Luis Abenader had already said, It is a public secretariat There is no way to change that without consulting Congress.

He also pointed out that The intention was to create a functional and transparent structure And proven in law To manage this asset efficiently and properly.

He commented that the idea of ​​the Punta Catalina Fund is to manage it transparently because the credit figure, which is the reserve bank, is also owned by the Dominican State.

Punta Catalina will not be sold, it is a political administration. It is a secretariat (…) and if it comes to the sale of Punta Catalina, the intention was PLD “, he emphasized.

He noted that the details of the plant’s construction will be known soon because audits are underway, a technology that a well-known engineering firm and another financial firm already bidding have won.

The official, when participating in the Aeromundo program with Guillermo Gómez, which is broadcast on Sunday by Color Vision, noted that It is very likely that the negative reaction to confidence is caused by fear of everything behind you The construction of the plant because, for better or for worse, a huge amount of money was invested in Punta Catalina.