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Kenya provides details to the UN Security Council on urgent actions for the mission in Haiti

Kenya provides details to the UN Security Council on urgent actions for the mission in Haiti

Kenya I remembered before him United Nations Security Council Urgent coordinated and sequential measures that must be taken to enable the mission Haiti Be success.

First, he noted the need for strong multinational support with adequate resources, with an emphasis on funds, equipment and logistics.

On the other hand, the determination of Haitian leaders and politicians to use the time following the deployment of forces in the Union and the implementation of a political process in order to hold credible and inclusive elections within a reasonable period of time.

He noted that a coordinated, multi-faceted effort is needed between the government and security operations, in cooperation with UN agencies, in order to support livelihoods and promote inclusive economic growth in the most insecure neighborhoods in Haiti.

In the medium term, he stated that the specific needs of the Haitian country must be included in international financial reform.

Fourth, highlight strong public diplomacy and communications involving civil society and business to build trust.

Fifth, he stressed that it must be nipped in the bud. Bringing in weapons and cutting off financial support to criminal gangs In Haiti.

The Kenyan representative said that the state's capabilities must be supported to provide basic services to the most vulnerable citizens, highlighting that this is essential to reduce confidence and strengthen the social contract.

Regarding the criminal justice system, he stressed that it must continue to be strengthened.

Finally, “control those who want to sabotage the situation inside and outside Haiti.”

It's been three months

He called on both countries to show the urgency the situation deserves, recalling that three months have passed since the adoption of Resolution 26-99, which authorized the deployment of a multinational security support mission in Haiti.

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He also said that the mission's mission was to cooperate “closely” with the Haitian National Police to restore security, especially in the fight against gangs.

He stated that they had achieved remarkable progress in preparing for the mission's deployment, pointing out that they had prepared the basic documents on which the mission's operations would be governed.