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The situation of many Cubans in Mexico waiting for CBP One to arrive in the United States

The situation of many Cubans in Mexico waiting for CBP One to arrive in the United States

In a shocking video that has spread across social media, a group of Cubans share the living conditions they are experiencing while waiting for their appointment with CBP One in Mexico.

Although they decided not to reveal their exact location, the migrants provide a detailed look at the small room they now call home. In this compact space, they made improvised beds, arranged their personal belongings, and even managed to create a modest kitchen area.

“We cook here, here we live, with food, we cook,” comments one group member while showing the small but functional space. “We make meat.”

The reactions in the comments of the post, which journalist Mario Vallejo shared on his personal Facebook page, reflect the diversity of opinions. One commentator, who appears to be based in Cuba, says: “They are there for a purpose, but the truth is that they are a thousand times better than here and when they arrive there there is no room for conversation. Blessings.”

Another participant in the discussion agrees and adds a thought about the future of these immigrants: “I hope they arrive and start fighting for their future with optimism, not like many who arrive and all they do is complain and deny this country.” Referring to the United States.

Satisfaction is also present among the comments provoked by this story, because it is clear that despite the small space, these three Cubans enjoy conditions that are currently difficult to achieve in Cuba.

Other experiences

Recently, another Cuban awaiting assignment with CBP One shared a positive story. Ivan Chito Mora Cabrera, who describes himself as a human rights activist in Cuba, excitedly revealed in a Facebook Live broadcast that he had found work in a carpentry and carpentry workshop in Mexico. This achievement was, in his words, one of the best days of his life.

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But the contradictory reality became clear with the arrest of six Cuban immigrants last Friday by the Mexican authorities. These individuals were abandoned on a bus in Molocan, a municipality in the state of Veracruz. They were part of a group of 313 people of different nationalities, including Cuba, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Bangladesh, China, Ecuador and Nicaragua.