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Mirta Vasquez: Pedro Castillo's weaknesses precipitated the second government crisis in Peru in six months |  international

Mirta Vasquez: Pedro Castillo’s weaknesses precipitated the second government crisis in Peru in six months | international

Pedro Castillo salutes Mirta Vázquez after being sworn in as Prime Minister on October 6 in Lima.Peru Presidency (Reuters)

Long live Pedro Castillo The hardest moment since I became presidentIn his case, he doesn’t say much. The rural teacher’s lack of firmness against police corruption, to which he had repeatedly alerted Interior Minister He has caused a series of resignations in his government that threaten to bring him down as well. Castillo finds himself more alone than ever.

The last person to resign was his right hand. Mirtha Vasquez. He denied it The structure of the state is still hijacked By out-of-control elements torpedo corruption investigations. the deep state Peruvian. The prime minister had hoped for reforms and changes in the hierarchy to fight these mafias that are rooted at the heart of the system. Given the inaction of the president, to whom his subordinates gave repeated evidence of what was happening, Vásquez leaves the government, which means reconstitution of the entire Cabinet. The second in just six months.

The instability into which Peru was plunged into for five years only increased with Castillo. President for almost a year, the country has not finished finding a political path that can carry out the necessary reforms. The leftist leader came to power in a quiet manner due to accusations of election fraud by his rival, Keiko Fujimori, which are baseless, but made the atmosphere tense. As soon as he took office last summer, he set up a government full of close people Vladimir Siron, owner of the party in which Castillo took power. He is an extremist with reactionary ideas in the social sphere and has served as a kind of shadow chief.

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However, after a few months, the president cut off those close to Cerrone. The tension between them was extreme. So it seemed like a big hit. It seemed that the professor wanted to fly freely. In place of a Siren man, the politicians put forward a more social democratic picture. Among them is Mirtha Vasquez. The government appears to be taking a clear path. The problems, however, persisted. There is no scandal in a week without a crisis The resignation of some ministers who made a grave mistake. Although it is true that Peru eats ministers and presidents like any other country in Latin America, this situation is excessive even by its standards.

Castillo has seen the wave coming on the horizon since last week, although he didn’t seem to count its size. Interior Minister Avellino Gillin submitted his resignation on Friday. Guillen had been facing the chief of police, Javier Gallardo, for a month, who acted on his own and did not respond to the minister. The police chief brought in more than 1,700 experienced clients in the main anti-corruption and organized crime units. the minister, The prosecutor who imprisoned Alberto Fujimori and Vladimir MontesinosHe believed it was a strategy to limit the capacity of the investigative body and asked the president for his head. Castillo did not listen to him, and did not even reply to letters to the Minister.

The prime minister tried to mediate. He tells Castillo that the best thing is to keep two gels and retire the policeman. This was not done by the president who trusted his advisors more than his ministers. The result is that she is leaving the government at the mercy of the new approval in Congress, the third approval in half a year. The opposition has tried to blow up the Castillo government from the outside, but there is no doubt that its biggest enemy is from within. Castillo doesn’t seem to need anyone to bring him close to the cliff, he’s leaning on his own.

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The president, on Twitter, conveyed the restructuring of the government as if it were his idea. In fact, this makes her forced. Hours ago, Vasquez blew everything up. In that time period, the most hardened minister in that government, the economist Pedro Franck, declared on social networks that he was on the side of those who demanded more strength against corruption. Castillo has never been impeached before. Survive in the air.

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