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Cuban airports change payment methods for gastronomic services

Cuban airports change payment methods for gastronomic services

Cuba Catering SA, which is responsible for providing gastronomic services at all airports in the country, has implemented changes to the payment method in recent waiting rooms (SUE).

According to the entity reported on its Facebook wall, since January 27, in food establishments located in SUE for international terminals, cash payments can only be made in euros and Canadian dollars.

“For electronic sales, international or national magnetic cards will be used in MLC that are accepted by the Central Bank of Cuba,” the publication said.

The Cuba Catering Company confirmed that an offer of gastronomic services will be maintained in the intermediate and external rooms of airports in the national currency.

The post provoked numerous criticisms from users before taking action that promotes the loss of value of the national currency against foreign currencies.

One of the pieceworkers said: “Unbelievable, it is understood that the country should collect foreign currency, but how in the international airport of my country they will not collect fees in the national currency? I do not completely agree.”

One netizen claimed: “At this rate, the Cuban peso will only play the role of a monopoly. Ha-ha-ha, they don’t invent anything to help the Cubans, everything is looking for dollars.”

Another wondered, “In other words, Cubans who travel using their own airports will not be able to use their national currency to pay for national products mostly…what a way to mistreat our people.”

A Santa Clara man criticized the practice at Cuban airports of handing the change over to the customer at CUP, using the exchange rate set by the bank, even though the user paid for the product in euros or Canadian dollars.

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“It’s even worse, when you pay in euros they will give you the change in CUP, and if you go to buy again with those same cups they gave you, they won’t get it,” he said.

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