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Lis Cuesta debuted on Twitter for her campaign for Order and San Remo Cuba

Lis Cuesta debuted on Twitter for her campaign for Order and San Remo Cuba

“Hydrangea, Grandma, revolutionaryteacher, event coordinator, ”that is how the First Lady of Cuba presented herself, Not Cuesta Perazaon his brand new profile Twitteradding that he is “with Diaz-Canel, unconditionally in the service of Cuba.”

The island’s governor’s wife decided to debut on the social network on Thursday at the invitation of the hashtag #VamosConTodo, which began setting up the ruling party in response to the appeal of civil society and part of the exile community to Convert #SOSCuba to directionThe system is very afraid.

“Hello, here also with everyone and for Cuba! #VamosConTodo,” Costa Peraza’s first tweet was followed by a congratulations on Cuban Book Day.

Friday began with the message: “Good morning, loves! Beautiful April begins, many important dates! I wish you to overcome obstacles with joy!”

Later, he released another post dedicated to a survey meeting held in Havana through Thursday and shared a promotion from the state-owned record label and music company (EGREM) about the impending San Remo Music Awards.

“Do you know what are the selling points of tickets for the San Remo Music Awards in Cuba that starts on April 5th? Find out here and write about the concerts that will take place at different venues of the festival. Book your ticket now!” says the call.

This is the first relationship between Cuesta Peraza and the festival after he was its main promoter As a result of the international boycott that she was subjected to, I decided to get out of the picture And avoid appearing as part of its organizing committee.

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In 48 hours on Twitter, the first lady follows 58 profiles (the vast majority of officials, official institutions, and regime spokespeople), and they have more than 2,000 followers.

Cuesta Peraza seems to want to take on a more and more official rolePerhaps for the purpose of getting away from the job of escorting the ruler. However, no luck with her. Many Cubans tend to mock and criticize her, reminding her, among other things, of her role culinary event organizer In luxury hotels, in a country where the biggest problem is finding what to eat.

“Madam, you have children, Aren’t you ashamed to talk about the joy and the obstacles when so many mothers are suffering today in Cuba because of the imprisonment of their children, some minors? It was her husband who imprisoned themCuban writer replied Zoe Valdes To the morning greeting from the megaphone for the first time.