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Lionel Fernandez and Luis Abenader flirt during an event

Lionel Fernandez and Luis Abenader flirt during an event

During his participation in the event of former President Lionel Fernandez He took the opportunity to jokingly announce the arrival of President Luis Abinader to the event.

“The President of the Republic has arrived and I am honored to introduce you,” he said.

The Head of State arrived when the President of the Popular Force (FP) was part of the commission called “Latin America: Today and Tomorrow” and shared the podium with the former President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, as well as the former President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla and Marco Rubio, Senator from the United States.

After Abenader appeared, everyone applauded and amid applause, Fernandez said that “the first head of state arrived and had the honor of introducing it.”

The moment the president settled in, Fernandez told him about the issue they were dealing with and explained: “The president, President Abenader, we talk about how hard it is to govern, but we all want to stay in power.”

While the audience burst into laughter, Fernandez elaborated a little more and added, “So…the issue is how one day the trends of the global economy prevail over the dynamics of the local nature.”

Abinader replies

Likewise, the Governor did not hesitate to respond to Fernandez’s joke in a comical manner when he took to the stage to deliver his speech as part of the closing of the event.

At the ceremony, Abinader thanks Fernandez for the presentation, but tells him that they have to negotiate another introduction.

“Mr. Leonel Fernandez, former President of the Republic, thank you for the offer you made but we have to negotiate with you, later…” Abinader joked.

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