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Lightning on Jupiter was captured by the Juno spacecraft

Lightning on Jupiter was captured by the Juno spacecraft

the NASA’s Juno spacecraft Snap a stunning photo of lightning at JUpiter during its 31st flight near the gas giant. This phenomenon offers a fascinating insight into atmospheric events on this distant planet.

Differences in the composition of lightning

According to a report posted on the site Teche blog siteOn Earth, lightning originates primarily from water clouds and is most common near the equator.

while in Jupiter, lightning occurs in the clouds consists of a solution of ammonia and water, which generates an electrical landscape unique to the gas giant.

Detailed image processing

The image was original Taken on Dec 30, 2020, But in the year 2022, scientist Kevin M. Gale processes the raw data from the device JunoCam on the spaceship.

Juno was about 19,900 miles above the clouds Jupiter, at a latitude of about 78 degrees By taking this amazing photo.

The importance of the Juno mission

Juno is a space probe dedicated to the global study of Jupiter. Be part of the space program NASA’s New Frontier It aims to understand the atmosphere, origin, structure, and evolution of Jupiter within our solar system.

the Juno main functions Focusing on creating a detailed study of the planet’s gravity and magnetic fields, in addition to analyzing the famous aurora borealis Jupiter and its magnetosphere.

They will also look for clues about composition planet, Its essence is the presence of water in the atmosphere, its mass and winds, which can reach speeds of up to 618 kilometers per hour (384 mph).

A bright future for the Juno mission

the NASA will reveal it in the coming monthsJuno’s orbits will approach again and again to Jupiter, Especially when the spacecraft passes over the gas giant’s night side. This will provide more opportunities for scientific instruments Juno catches lightning on the job, Providing valuable data and insights about atmospheric phenomena on Jupiter.

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