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Apple’s Podcast app just received major changes

Apple’s Podcast app just received major changes

Now it’s easy to find new content in the Apple Podcasts app with new subcategories.

New subcategories in Apple Podcasts.

the Podcasts have been booming for several yearsthe same as It directly affects the content creators themselves located on the Internet. The origins of the podcast go back to those radio stations who wanted to put their episodes live in a medium where they could be broadcast on time delay, regardless of the time. Now everything is different and There are “podcasters” who just upload their content to the platforms for this purpose. Apple does not want to be left behind and Keep updating your Podcasts app to make it even more intuitive In order to find new content.

So that you don’t get stuck in an endless maze of content, Apple is updating its Podcasts app

usually Contents can be viewed by categories but sometimes It just doesn’t seem good enough for new users. now It will display the comprehensive catalog with the new subcategories. You can also discover new content by language and other filters.

In total they are 9 sub-categories that you can refer to It will be integrated into the search field already in the app on all devices. Highlights “Mental Health,” “Self Improvement,” “Entrepreneurship,” “Books,” among others.

The subcategory will display the graphics for the main episodes And other aspects that will also appear as users search for content. face lift, The existing 19 categories plus the 9 sub-categories will have new illustrations. Highlighting the basics of Apple Podcasts, here you’ll see our all-time favorite podcasts by category curated by Apple’s global editorial teams.

Discovering new content in podcasts will now be easier with subcategories

Discovering new content in podcasts will now be easier with subcategories

. To prevent you from automatically downloading new content here you can learn how to avoid it.

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Those from Cupertino will be promoting the podcast and the content creators themselves

Each category will regularly feature new and featured shows, highlights of the month, as well as featured channels and content creators. You will also be able to consult a list of popular programs around the world. Unfortunately, the Language Podcasts category will only be available for the US, UK, Canada, and Australia..

What are the language recommendations in Apple Podcasts? Recommendations will be given for the most popular languages ​​and support for more than 20 of them. The purpose is to discover and break boundaries so that anyone, regardless of their nationality, can discover new content outside of their country.

Apple's Podcast app just received major changes

If you are listening to podcasts in English, you will be offered a selection of podcasts in that language. We hope to enable podcast support by language in a short time so that all listeners of this app can discover new content. in case you were wondering, You can already see these changes in the Podcasts app.

As you explore what’s new in the Podcasts app, iOS 17 will see changes to the artwork design, playback interface, and new search filters. These changes will also be visible in macOS Sonoma.