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Introducing Opera One, the browser with built-in artificial intelligence

Introducing Opera One, the browser with built-in artificial intelligence

Yesterday, the Opera web browser received one of the most amazing modifications that are remembered in the sector. Yes, all browsers seem to be starting to “play” with AI integrations, but so far no one has delved as deep as the company promises..

As the company claims, Opera One, the 100th version of the browser, takes things a step further with tools that will really improve web browsing. As Joanna Zajka, Oprah’s product manager, explained in a statement:

Since people are obsessed with browser innovation, we see fit to rethink the role of the browser in light of recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence. Unlike other browser companies, Opera hasn’t just added AI services to its browser. We went back to the drawing board and redesigned our flagship browser. Opera One is built on Aria, our native AI browser, and is the culmination of our work to date.

Aria was announced last month. This is the browser AI sidebar that works with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and can generate text, write code, answer questions, and more.. The feature is “live” in Opera’s sidebar on the left side of the screen, and clicking on its icon reveals a panel where you can interact with Aria.

This is Opera One

They say that unlike the standard version of ChatGPT, Opera’s AI browser can display up-to-date information from around the web. It’s also able to answer questions about Opera itself, as the company says it knows the browser’s “full database of support documentation.”

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And nowWith Opera One, Aria doesn’t just work alongside your browsing activities normal. The coolest feature is called AI Prompts, which lets you open Aria by highlighting or right-clicking text and jumping to the content you’re watching online. In addition, Aria can also be opened using a keyboard shortcut.

By the way, Opera suggests that we use these features to collaborate with Artificial intelligence is involved in tasks such as answering questions about products or creating text or code that you can write on a website. In fact, it isThe browser’s capabilities are so many that it can confuse the average user, so the company explains that it has trained artificial intelligence so that anyone can ask about the browser’s features using the kind of language you might use to ask an expert friend.

Finally, in addition to AI, Opera One also comes with a number of useful new features. The company calls the design of the new browser “modular,” which means we can move between buttons, tabs, and other browser elements on the fly. This allows you to hide features you don’t need in some contexts and show hidden features you do want in others.