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Liberty has 20 days to file a report with the Communications Office

Liberty has 20 days to file a report with the Communications Office

Liberty Puerto Rico has 20 days to submit a detailed report to the Telecommunications Office (NET) on the problems it encountered in its system migration, how many customers were affected and what corrective actions it is taking to rectify the situation, the regulator ordered . .

The order issued Tuesday is the product of an investigative request Independent Consumer Protection Bureau (OIPC) was introduced to the network on October 25.

In its request, OIPC urged the regulator to open an investigation into how Liberty handled the process of moving customers and accounts they inherited from AT&T onto its systems, after purchasing that operation in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands three years ago.


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“The OIPC explains that some of the problems faced by consumers are temporary service outages, complete interruption of call service (incoming and outgoing), lack of internet service, lack of text messaging service, and text messages and emails not reaching consumers,” said NET President, Rafael Otanio. In the decision and order he signed today.

According to the document, the scope of the investigation should include “the reasons why these events occurred, the dealings by Liberty before and after the migration, the number of consumers affected, and the appropriate notification process for those consumers (before and after the migration).” It happened), Corrective measures used by Liberty, the existence of any mitigation plan and compensation to consumers for the damages suffered“.

In turn, OIPC will submit a report within 15 days that includes the representations it received from Liberty customers and the number of calls they answered in relation to this case.

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Under Puerto Rico’s Telecommunications Law (Act No. 213 of 1996), “NET shall have primary jurisdiction over all telecommunications services and over all persons providing such services within the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and over all persons having a direct or indirect interest in such services.” Services or companies,” highlighted the text of the order that was immediately sent to Liberty’s management, headed by its CEO, Naji Khoury.

If you do not meet the deadline, The telecommunications provider will be subject to administrative fines of up to $25,000 for each violation.

NET’s order came just hours after Acting Consumer Affairs Secretary (DACO), Lisanet Gonzalez Ruiz, announced that the agency was evaluating complaints filed by consumers, who allege they waited for long hours at Liberty’s call center, a situation he described as “unusual.” Acceptable.”

Backlog Sen. Keren Riquelme revealed on Tuesday that she will summon the management of Liberty Puerto Rico to explain the reasons behind the outages in mobile phone and other services experienced by the telecom provider’s customers.

“Given this reality, and especially the lack of action to address consumer complaints, we will summon the executives of this telecom company as soon as possible to explain to us why the customer support system collapsed and what measures will be taken to prevent this situation from happening again,” Riquelme said in a press release. “We can understand the breakdowns, but not regarding the issue of customer service,” he said, noting that he also intends to recall DACO and the network.