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Latest updates on his health

Latest updates on his health

Honduran Albert Ellis will undergo rehabilitation in the coming months.

Good news comes from France regarding the health of the Honduran footballer Albert Ellisthe striker who suffered a fractured skull on February 24 after his head collided with a Gangwon FC football player.

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According to information reported by French media, “La Pantryta” left the University Hospital in Bordeaux in the past hours (Wednesday) and that his health condition is “gradually improving.”

According to the Sud-Ouest website, Ellis was transferred to a private clinic still in Bordeaux and will undergo rehabilitation in the coming months.

In recent days, Catracho's team has received visits from family members and Bordeaux teammates, as well as the team president and coach.

According to information highlighted by L'Equipe, “the Honduran international striker is gradually regaining his ability to move, use speech, and move his limbs” after emerging from an artificial coma.

Regarding his future, there is still no doubt about his football career, which will be discussed within several weeks, or according to developments.