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La Casa de los Famosos 4 LIVE: Lupillo Rivera saved himself from the favourites

La Casa de los Famosos 4 LIVE: Lupillo Rivera saved himself from the favourites

After an extensive tour Lupillo Rivera He decided to save himself from the candidates after obtaining the power of salvation.

For this reason, he was banned from participating in the candidates' dinner.

Twelve residents Reality show They are tipped to go out next Monday, thanks to a plot never before seen in the show's history.

The only participants who were not nominated were Rumé, being the captain of the week, and Bronca. However, as expected, the Rivera family member chose to “save himself.”

Now it will be in the hands of the audience to choose the next person to be eliminated from the program.

La Divaza is preparing for tonight's elimination, and confirms that whoever leaves “La Casa de los Famosos” will fall between Ruby or Milaza, two of those with the least amount of support outside the walls of the venue.

With some delicious arepas, La Divaza and Ariadna Gutiérrez pamper the residents of “La Casa de los Famosos” on Sunday before preparing for a painful elimination.

Breakfast brings together Colombians and Venezuelans to prepare a dish typical of the region. Credit: Celebrity House

Despite the constant confrontations between them Pedro Luis Joao Figuera Alvarez, Known as La Divaza and Mexican actor Alfredo Adam, the peace tube seems to have become very close after the night of March 9 they were caught sleeping together.

Although the program's audience was completely surprised, far from there being reconciliation, the reality is that they decided to leave their differences to face the challenge of the “leader” who promised to give them 100 percent of the budget if they agreed to do so. He spent 48 hours in handcuffs.

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Two of the most controversial members of the house were forced to sleep together before the elimination ceremony. Image: screenshot

During the night of Saturday, March 9, the members of La Casa de los Famosos 4 started activities to pack their bags and prepare in case they have to leave the reality show.

Before tonight's party took place, the house members put away all their belongings. Credit: Twitter @MomentosDeLCDLF

After a night in which they searched for the best strategy for each team, the contestants continue to sleep before another elimination.

Follow minute by minute what is happening in the most famous house in Mexico. (Telemundo)