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Daddy Yankee opens his heart and gives his testimony in church: “Pride is what separated me from God.”

Daddy Yankee opens his heart and gives his testimony in church: “Pride is what separated me from God.”

Retired reggaeton player Daddy Yankee He shared his life testimony for the first time on Sunday morning after announcing his testimony Conversion to Christianity.

Their expressions were mentioned in the church.”Refugees in his presence“Which is located in the town of Las Piedras,” he revealed com. maikybackstage On your page Instagram Where he shares content from urban artists.

In the video posted on the above-mentioned social network, you can watch Raymond Ayalathe artist's first name, with a microphone in his hand and addresses the congregation.

The singer is heard saying: “Today I may be on a tour that earns millions of dollars, but here I am completely free and I have a joy that the world has not given me.”

He said in his testimony that he returned to the church after two decades and admitted that it was pride that separated him from his relationship with God.

“It took me 20 years to get back here, but pride is what separated me from God… So pride is very important when we are on the path of admitting your weakness because man is not born humble, man is born with pride. We have humility through the Holy Spirit He continued: “Humility is the root of all justice.”

Daddy Yankee announced his conversion to Christianity last December 2023.

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“Big Boss” concluded its final show on Sunday by declaring that it has accepted Jesus into its heart.

Through a farewell concert in a Puerto Rican amphitheater, the reggaeton star confessed to accepting Christ into his heart and promised that he would use the artistic resources at his disposal to evangelize.

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At that moment, the artist took the microphone to reveal that the void he had lived in for so long had been filled by getting closer to Jesus.

“My people, this day for me is the most important day of my life and I want to share it with you, because living a successful life is not the same as living a life of purpose,” Daddy Yankee said excitedly. Hazem said in his speech, “For a long time I tried to fill a void in my life that no one could fill; I was trying to fill and find meaning in my life. Sometimes I seemed very happy, but there was something missing that made me complete, and I must admit that those days are over.” He said At the time after he had demonstrated his dominance on stage throughout both concerts: “Someone had managed to fill this void that I had felt for a long time, and I was able to realize that for everyone I was somebody, but I was nothing without them.” Half Hour Concert

The emptiness he talked about was also shown in a video broadcast during his amazing farewell concert, in which he revealed that for a long time he had been suffering from an internal conflict that did not allow him for a long time to fully enjoy what was happening in his life. Musical career.

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We remember some strange facts about the Puerto Rican reggaeton player who says goodbye to artistic life in 2023.

“Now anyone who knows me as Daddy Yankee should say: Daddy Yankee in Christ, Raymond Ayala in Puerto Rico.” The story is over and a new story will begin, a new beginning. All the tools at my disposal, like music, social media, platforms, microphone, everything Jesus gave me, are now for the Kingdom. Thank you very much Puerto Rico and I hope you walk with me in this new beginning and I hope something very important registers in you: Do not follow anyone. I'm a human; All the people who follow me follow Jesus Christ, who is the way, the truth, and the life.”

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As the audience rose to their feet throughout the performance, he warned them: “Christ loves you and Christ is coming.”

Then he looked and pointed up to make a request: “Also, Jesus, just as you have allowed me, in your mercy, to travel around the world, allow me from Puerto Rico to preach the world.”

“Finally, I have reached the goal. I am free. Amen!” Raymond Ayala then cheered as he left the stage celebrated as a pioneering figure in the urban genre.

The announcement went viral around the world instantly, as the last of the five “La meta” concerts was broadcast live on the Kiswe platform. For the occasion, some of the giant production values ​​were increased, especially the lighting, which increased the splendor of the show.