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Kristen Stewart revealed she and her friend froze their eggs: 'I'm not afraid to have a baby'

Kristen Stewart revealed she and her friend froze their eggs: 'I'm not afraid to have a baby'

Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer chose future motherhood and took measures to ensure the future of their family. (Image source: Reuters/Mike Blake)

Kristen Stewart He is 33 years old, has a successful career in Hollywood and a stable relationship with his screenwriter and actress girlfriend. Dylan Mayer. Thanks to technological progress, the couple is not closed to the possibility of expanding their family in the future, which is why they have recently taken proactive measures to achieve parenthood. “We did things like Freezing our eggs. “If we want, we can,” he said in a podcast appearance. Not skinny but not fat.

Stewart and Meyer began dating in 2019, though their first meeting was years earlier, on the set of an undisclosed movie. The spark was reignited six years later at a mutual friend's birthday party, where he was the protagonist twilight In a previous conversation with The Howard Stern Show.

Kristen Stewart dreams of directing her first film before she officially marries her girlfriend Dylan Meyer. (Image source: Reuters/Mario Anzoni)

Two years after publicly confirming their engagement, Stewart announced their engagement in 2021, according to sources close to the magazine. the peopleThey are “totally in love” and enjoy a life focused on mutual happiness and well-being.

However, they have not yet planned an official wedding as they feel they have already fulfilled that commitment “in some way”, although Stewart has stated that he definitely intends to get married. Of course, the actress must first finish shooting her first film as a director.

“I think we have a very flexible plan, which works for us. I'm directing a movie soon, so I have to do that before we get married.. “Because we have to send out invitations and give people time to prepare.”

In a candid conversation, Kristen Stewart shared her hopes and fears about becoming a mother. (Credit: Mega/Grosby Group)

This is not the first time that Kristen Stewart has announced her desire to have children. In a previous interview with Rolling StoneHe said it was an issue they both took seriously.

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Despite her enthusiasm for motherhood, the process of making it a reality scares her, as she explained: “I'm not afraid to get pregnant, but I'm afraid to give birth. It's crazy.”

This was not the only statement that attracted attention during his stay Not skinny but not fat. On the show, Stewart shared his perspective on the power dynamics between his characters Beautiful swan And this is from Edward Cullen (Robert Patterson) in the epic twilight.

The heroine of the movie “Twilight” said that if she were Bella, she would have ended her relationship with Edward Cullen because of the control he had over her. (Credit: Lionsgate)

During the broadcast episode Amanda Hirsch He questioned the current perception of Bella, suggesting that she could be seen as “a bit desperate” for romantic attention. Surprisingly, Stewart staunchly defended her by highlighting Edward's controlling tendencies.

She expressed that, if it were up to her, “I would have broken up with him immediately.”Once he tried to limit his independence. He particularly pointed out the times when Edward tried to prevent Bella from becoming a vampire. “I understand why you should protect her, but you have to let the girl make her own decisions,” he concluded.

The actress has talked a lot about twilight During his press tour inLove lies bleedinghis next film in which he participated Morfydd Clark. The direction will be directed by director Rose Glass, Under Seal A24, and will feature a story where two bodybuilders must fight to leave their criminal past behind. It premiered in the United States on March 8, 2024, thus arriving in theaters or flow From Latin America and Spain.

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