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'Even Beauty Frames': Andrea Legareta Reveals She Has Almost No Intimate Relationship With Eric Rubin |  video

‘Even Beauty Frames’: Andrea Legareta Reveals She Has Almost No Intimate Relationship With Eric Rubin | video

In the world of entertainment, many artists have fallen in love with millions of viewers. However, there are also love stories that have become favorites of all of them. One of these cases was bright Star s Megariswho starred in The Wedding of the Century, although after some time they ended up getting divorced.

However, another pair of dynamite pairs is the pair between them Andrea Legarita s Eric fatwho have been married since 2000 and now have two beautiful daughters: mine s little girl. Despite the fact that much was said about this relationship, they continued to live their lives as usual; A few days ago they all went on vacation EuropeWhere they spent unforgettable moments.

However, doubts are now focused on what’s inside their relationship. After being together for so long, what would happen if they broke up and how do the two get along together. Some of these unknowns were clarified in the channel Youtube from Martha Figuero s gherkin Origin.

Is Andrea Legareta tired of Eric Rubin?

In the hypothetical case that the relationship Ruben Legarita The actress assured that she will devote herself to her and her daughters, because it gives her a little laziness to start an affair with someone.

In this case, he stated that he knew him well, in addition to glorifying him for his qualities as a man, father and professional, because he always took care of his family so that nothing was missing from him. Despite her flaws as well, hostess Hoy did not ignore her flaws, to show that there must be tolerance in the relationship.

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In terms of intimacy, he confirmed that he likes polite men and Former TimbiricheThe 51-year-old is one of the best preserved of all the exercises he does. However, he assured reporters that after almost two decades of intimacy, they sometimes did not have many methods of this type.

“José Jose used to say: ‘Even the frames of camels,'” he said. Andrea Legarita between laughter.

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