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Khiron and Tec College of Medicine and Health Sciences has launched the second edition of its online medical cannabis course

Khiron and Tec College of Medicine and Health Sciences has launched the second edition of its online medical cannabis course

Monterey NL- In April 2020, Khiron Life Sciences Corp. , a global cannabis company that seeks to improve people’s quality of life, has signed an agreement with TecSalud School of Medicine and Health Sciences (EMCS) TecSalud del Tecnológico de Monterrey, to educate through virtual classes on medical cannabis. This year, taking into account the positive impact and reception of the aforementioned agreement by both parties, the second edition of the International Course on Medical Cannabis will be held, which includes new clinical cases.

With this, Khiron and EMCS affirm their commitment to training health professionals to promote ethical, safe and responsible prescription of cannabis-containing medicines, the efficacy and safety of which is always backed by scientific evidence and our clinical experience.

The company will register a group of physicians in the first phase, which begins on December 1, and Tec, through the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, will open a call for registration for all health professionals interested in participating. Through this alliance, Khiron is establishing itself as one of the leaders in the transfer of evidence-based technical and scientific knowledge to the understanding and application of cannabis treatments in the region.

“In the current situation, the development of virtual continuing medical education programs with high scientific content is essential to further enhance knowledge and academic training on medical cannabis among health professionals. Our strategy for medical education and our relationship with Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, reinforce our goal of providing ethical, legal and above all prescribing Something safe prescriptions,” highlights Rodrigo Duran, vice president of the company’s Pharma Latam unit.

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EMCS, which is the only private Mexican school in the QS World University Rankings by Subject – Medicine, will start online courses for the Medical Cannabis Program on December 1.

During this period, various expert health professionals will be presented, as well as analyzes of different regulatory frameworks, clinical evidence (collecting real cases from patients of Zarinya Clinic), current research, practical cases and recommendations to meet patients’ needs.

“In this second edition, the agenda includes a larger caseload of cases based on clinical trials with real patients with chronic pain of multiple etiologies, neurological or psychiatric disorders, or particularly sensitive groups such as the elderly. The clinical experience and real-world evidence that What we gather through the use of these products represents the best source of information available to us to educate and train a new generation of clinicians in the use of this unique therapeutic tool,” he adds. Moreno Sanz, Scientific Director of Giron.

“As a leading university in Mexico, we have a responsibility to provide the highest level of education to our physicians, including various specialties. In the emerging field of medical cannabis, partnering with Jerón represents an opportunity to do so in an informed manner, in an evidence-based environment that will raise awareness among professionals in healthcare in Latin America, preparing them to offer greater options in treatment for patients,” adds Gabriela Villarreal Levi, MD, MPH and Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, TecSalud del Tecnológico de Monterrey.

To register for the course, health professionals can do so before November 30 this year through the following payment link: https://midesarrollotec.mx/registro/B65RjjkA