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Keys to well-being in the organization:

Keys to well-being in the organization:

Organizational transformation, which applies to processes, culture, and even values, is a constant in a world where everything happens at breakneck speed. The pandemic included a pause that put on the table the real importance of the individual and his holistic health and caused the strengthening of policies related to it and the creation of a wide range of offers, ranging from exercise programs, nutritional advice or psychological support. To financial training workshops for retirement planning. And every month a new service or program emerges that wants to respond to the needs of people in the workforce, with very different ages and moments in life.

in this meaning, Susana Curtis, Novartis Director of PeopleComment on the importance of evaluating what the company has to offer and taking the pulse of the organization to see how employees perceive and understand all of this offering. For her, it is essential to be very clear about what is being given to whom and why, and to know that we do not all understand luxury in the same way. in this meaning, Heidi Van de Woestyne, People Manager at Sanofi IberiaExplain that the offer is so broad that a professional can feel overwhelmed and unfamiliar with everything that is at their fingertips, which is why it is a challenge for people’s job to communicate well and assess these benefits. Van de Woestyne explained that one must realize that the concept of well-being involves a deep work of self-knowledge, and in order to conduct this introspection, it is very important that the company provides a psychologically safe environment, in which each person feels free to be themselves and communicate their interests and preferences. , just like you do at Sanofi.

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