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Kaye: It’s going to change the transportation system

The Grass City An ambitious traffic system involves construction through traffic lights and eliminating all intersections that stop the flow of vehicles. 17 roundabouts are intended to connect the urban area and increase population.

The project also envisages the creation of a parallel path for cyclists on a wider route that will allow citizens to travel more actively whether by motor vehicle, bicycle or simply on foot.

According to the mayor, Rolando Ortiz Velasquez“We want to build road infrastructure that will allow people to live in the center of the city again.”.

“This roundabout system is going to connect the entire urban center from the point of view of economic activity, through the transportation system. At present, ‘trolleys’ provide transport services to citizens, but the arrival service schedule, from origin to destination, cannot be guaranteed.Executive Officer of Kayee Municipality explained.

“It guarantees that people want to use the mode of transport, especially Caguas There is a transport system that guarantees specific departure and arrival times. Additionally, transporting people is an important point San Juan“, he added.

He also explained that around 10 roundabouts are yet to be completed.

“This is an ongoing project; The city must adapt to this new development. This, if integrated in this way, would allow more people to live in the center of the city, who would be able to work from Gaye in or out of the city.He pointed out.

“Also, the system is being built in parallel Bike path Very broad, exclusive. It will not be a bicycle lane within the vehicular traffic system, but rather a separate lane. We hope that when this system is completed, people will be able to live within the city, use public transport, walk or cycle as a mode of transport,” he added.

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It should be noted that the Council has taken many young people and students to visit other cities or countries so that they better understand the work being done in their city.

“We have visited our youth Holland, New York Y SpainWhere they have gone to observe the transport systems is part of an effort to make citizens understand what is happening here and where we are going,” he outlined.

A new transport system is part of the project Kay at 40It began in 2005 and incorporates the installation of several projects that have already been completed, among them, the acquisition of a ballpark, a fine arts school, a theater and a hospital that is now municipal.

It envisages the undergrounding of the electricity system, the reconstruction of the Ramón Frate Leon public square and the rehabilitation of old structures in the urban area, among other key points of urban renewal.

Ortiz Velázquez insisted “The public square is to be completed these days, and with it, part of the underground power system.”.

He noted that the work on the square had led to the establishment of 15 new businesses in the town centre; The operation created approximately 150 jobs.

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“We’ve been able to create a culture of entrepreneurship in the arts at the Municipal Theatre. We have young people who put on plays, they exhibit them in and out of Caye, and many who started participating as students at the School of Fine Arts, grew up, but also became entrepreneurs. Art or lovers of art”said.

On the other hand, the mayor of Caye spoke about the construction of an urban park “We believe that 40 cuertas of land will be divided in the area adjacent to the square and create an ecotourism activity. It will be the largest urban park.

“A microcosm of what Central Park in New York is, it’s a part of 40 cuertas, a river is going to run through it, and it’s going to allow urban eco-tourism life just steps from the city center. . It’s walking from the city center, and in five minutes we’re already in that I’d say we’re touching the area. Exposed.

Currently, the project is in the asset acquisition phase to enter the design phase and according to the mayor, “We have already acquired more than 50% of the property.”

“We are also finishing the construction of a volleyball court on the west side of the city and three soccer fields that have already been completed. In addition to a minor league baseball park in the Quavete neighborhood. The field is in the Montellano neighborhood, and the soccer fields are next to the university’s stadium (Puerto Rico in Caye), “he concluded.