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Two planes 'nearly collided' at Florida airport

Two planes ‘nearly collided’ at Florida airport

Two Airplanes One of them flew a relatively short distance from the sky above and they almost collided Florida AirportAccording to the US media, according to a recording of one of the pilots making the emergency call, the fact is under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration (abbreviated as FAA in English).

ABC News reported that the pilot of a single-engine Cessna came within 500 feet of a Delta 757 as it took off from Orlando International Airport last August.

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Malik Clarke, who piloted the single-engine plane, told US media that he was aware of the situation and took “evasive action” to get as far away from other, much larger aircraft as possible.

“I knew it wasn’t good, so I immediately turned right and climbed as steep as I could because Delta’s Boeing 757 had a higher rate of climb than the plane I was flying.”Malik Clarke Pilot

The video, recorded by Clark himself, shows how the larger plane begins to take off a short distance from the smaller plane he was piloting.

“If I hadn’t made that evasive maneuver, it would have crashed in mid-air,” reflected the young man.

Given the possibility of Clark’s evasion, the FAA and Delta Airlines are investigating the error to determine who is responsible and ensure the safety of users.

“Putting them in the same part of the sky was a mistake by somebody,” said a former State Department official who contributes to ABC News.

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