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Jorge Glass, former vice president of Rafael Correa, will undergo a new trial in Ecuador

Jorge Glass, former vice president of Rafael Correa, will undergo a new trial in Ecuador

File image. Ecuadorian Vice President Jorge Glas (Reuters/Daniel Tapia/Archive photo)

Public Prosecutor's Office Ecuador It was reported on Friday that a hearing will be held on January 5 to formulate charges against George GlassThis was after the judge in the case accepted the Public Prosecution’s request to bring the former Deputy Prime Minister Rafael Correa (2007-2017).

“At the insistence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the National Judge, Luis Rivera, has scheduled the hearing to formulate charges for alleged embezzlement (embezzlement) – in the Manabi reconstruction case – for Friday, January 5, at 8:30 a.m., the source said in a message from His account on the X network.

He pointed out that in this case, “three people will be tried: Jorge J. (Glass), the former head of the Reconstruction Committee, and the former officials.” Carlos B. And Pablo O.”

The Public Prosecution’s announcement came one day after the National Assembly (Parliament) refused to authorize a new criminal trial against Glass, which He is currently processing an asylum application in Mexico.

Judge Rivera himself had requested the legislature's ruling, arguing that it was the chamber that should authorize this operation, because at the time of the alleged crimes investigated, Glass was vice president and had special jurisdiction.

Camera He did not receive 92 votes (Two-thirds) that were required to approve Judge Rivera's request, amounted to only 44 accessions.

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When the Attorney General's Office learned of the association's decision, it stressed that the “authorization” of that body was not necessary, because although the alleged acts would have been committed while Glass was vice president, the process began at a later time.

Jorge Glass (EFE/Mauricio Torres)

The condition is called 'Reconstruction' The Public Prosecutor's Office is investigating allegations of embezzlement of funds in the reconstruction of the coastal province of Manabi (west), which was struck by a strong 7.8-magnitude earthquake in April 2016.

During the parliamentary debate, the legislator Vicente TaianoHe stressed, from the conservative Christian Social Party, that Judge Rivera's request should not have been dealt with, because the judge was also involved in a tax investigation into another corruption case investigated by the Public Prosecutor's Office.

Taiano stressed that Judge Rivera “lacks legitimacy” and noted that the Public Prosecution raided his office as part of the proceedings in the “Malignant Tumor” case, which investigates an alleged conspiracy to infiltrate organized crime into judicial institutions.

Glass entered the Mexican embassy in Quito last weekend, at a time when the Public Prosecutor's Office asked the police to locate and arrest him, as part of investigations into the “reconstruction” case.

The former vice president was in prison between 2017 and 2022 for his conviction in another illicit association case related to the Brazilian construction company bribery scandal. Odebrecht.

Glass said he would seek to have that case thrown out after Brazil's Federal Supreme Court invalidated evidence used by Odebrecht, which influenced politicians in that country (including President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva) and others in the region.

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(With information from EFE)