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Jamaica offers transit permits for Cubans to third countries without requiring a visa

Jamaica offers transit permits for Cubans to third countries without requiring a visa

The Embassy Jamaica In Havana, she announced that she will present more Tourist visas For Cubans, as well as permits to make Crossing to other countries Without the need for a 72-hour visa, travel requests from residents of the island increase.

According to a note published in official site From the diplomatic headquarters, to transit, Cubans will have to provide their detailed itineraryindicating the next destination for that flight.

Similarly, from March 1, the embassy will enable a new system for obtaining appointments for tourist visas and other consular services, which will allow it, it asserts, to respond to “the high demand, and also provide applicants with the possibility to choose the day and time of their preference.”

According to the announcement, this is a simple process that only requires each applicant to have a personal email account. The interested party will immediately receive a confirmation of his appointment, which must be shown on the day of the interview.

The diplomatic headquarters explained that this system is free and “makes it unnecessary for people outside the process to interfere in it,” referring to the mediators and processors who, according to the same note, present themselves on social networks as supposed agents of the embassy.

The memo confirmed that “the embassy made it clear that it did not authorize anyone to act on its behalf to obtain visas, citizenship, passports, legalization and obtaining birth certificates.”

Cubans have been emigrating in droves since the government reopened airports to commercial flights in November 2021. The most sought-after destination is Nicaragua, which has exempted islanders from the need to obtain a visa to travel to that country.

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However, this week The Consulate General of Colombia in Cuba announced that New transit visa applications will not be acceptedin light of the increasing pressure from Cubans who intend to emigrate using this country as a stopover.

Only this type of visa, a procedure frequently sought by Cubans wishing to emigrate, will be subject to restrictions, as applications for other types of visas and other consular procedures for travel to Colombia will continue to be received, “usually by mail,” the note said.