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Ingrid Betancourt's response to Pidad Cordoba: 'She's desperate and out of control'

Ingrid Betancourt’s response to Pidad Cordoba: ‘She’s desperate and out of control’

They say the best defense in politics is offense and that’s exactly what they say about Piedad Cordobawho attacked Ingrid Betancourt and accused her of being a friend of Carlos Castaño, who was the supreme commander of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia.

In the statements given by Cordoba to Radio Caracol, the former Congresswoman confirmed that when she was kidnapped by the paramilitaries, Castano himself told her about his friendship with Betancourt, but he did not give it importance at the time. In addition, he said, it is assumed that the now presidential candidate was a political advisor to the former paramilitary commander.

“Ingrid causes me a lot of pain. She is like the Colombian national team, she appears every 4 years and does not qualify. I am not surprised what they say about me about the kidnapped. None of them thanked me, they didn’t even send me a Christmas card after all I’ve done.”

In an interview with SEMANA, Ingrid Betancourt responded to the accusations of Córdoba made while she was in the High Court of Justice in a procedure within the process of “farcpolitics” being carried out against the former congresswoman.

“What can one answer for that? What you are saying is so absurd. Pidad is desperate and out of control. Anyway, the fact that she is trying to defend herself with lies makes me reaffirm that she is indeed Teodora Boliva.”s. The presidential candidate said she was a Farc agent and that she used our kidnapping as a political springboard to become President of Colombia.

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It is clear to Betancourt that Córdoba is using a strategy to discredit what it has said about the fraudulent delivery of FARC hostages. “Whoever tells lies in this way can say anything. He has taken advantage of our lives through political calculations.”

Pidad Cordoba – Photo: Leon Dario Pelayes

Regarding the alleged advice of Carlos Castaño, Betancourt smiled and thought for several minutes what to answer because, in his opinion, the imagination of Córdoba is so limited that it has turned into an obvious subject in the country. “The truth is so ridiculous that I don’t know what to answer, it’s a very ridiculous thing. If that were the case, my life would have been different. Besides, that would have been known in a thousand ways a long time ago.”

She realizes that this entire chapter is tormenting her because it reminds her of her many years in the power of the FARC, but she knows that she must cooperate with the justice system to report and detail the accusations she has made against the current candidate. The Senate Historic Charter.

It was a long, arduous and difficult task. I think everything I know has tied it to him so that justice has elements of judgment and can make a correct analysis of this whole situation. One would like to leave this issue in the stump of memories, but at the same time one gets out of the pressure and one has to cooperate with justice.”

Likewise, he indicated that he agreed with the position of John Frank Pinshaw, who stated in Vicki per week That the Cordoba case should not go to the Special Judicial Authority for Peace (JEP). “I am accompanying him because he is absolutely right. One wants as a victim all of this to be fully known and there is justice. This cannot enter the JEP with favorable treatment evaluations.”

The presidential candidate reiterated that Córdoba’s relationship with the FARC was a deception of the country and had no doubt that they used the hostages for electoral purposes. In the midst of this scandal, Betancourt considers the historical charter fighter to give up her aspiration to the Senate.

“Well, that’s what one would expect in a country with etiquette rules. I think these kind of attitudes of people like Pidad are examples of that corrupt system, Well it’s always going to be the same song as persecution, I’ve gone behind my back, people accusing me of blackmailing me and things like that. They always have the same defense technique. I don’t expect decent behavior from her or from the historical charter.”

Pidad Cordoba issued an extensive statement denying the commission of crimes and stating that her work is purely humanitarian.