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“It’s part of the airline’s backbone.”

“It’s part of the airline’s backbone.”

Paul Verhagen, Deputy CEO of the Spanish company Iberojet, confirmed in an interview with the specialized tourism site “AgentTravel”, that his company’s flights to Cuba have a part of the “backbone”. The company intends to enhance the destination this year and, in the medium or long term, improve the existing fleet.

At the end of 2022 we started traveling to Santiago de Cuba from Madrid. The start of the route was good, so it will continue this year (…) Of course, the core business continues, the backbone of the airline, which are destinations such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cancun and Cuba, ”he said. to rule the boss.

In addition, Verhagen indicated that in Christmas 2022 they also opened a route from Madrid Airport to Honduras, which was in high demand and would be maintained in 2023 with two frequencies per week. The manager explained that this season there will be little new in terms of destinations, as the aim is to integrate those that have already opened in the previous year.

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For example, the Madrid-Los Cabos link, which is the only one from Europe to the Mexican Pacific Ocean, is a tourist destination that is experiencing a huge boom and demand in the “old continent”. Iberojet’s connections will return to that destination in the summer. Flights to Mauritius will also return with “more weeks and flights than last year”.

“In short, we will consolidate the routes and try to make them grow (…) There will be very few new destinations because last year we were very ambitious. In 2022 we will open a total of seven or eight new routes between Spain and Portugal, which I think will This will be the year of consolidation of these bonds.

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Regarding the purchase of the new aircraft, the CEO of the company explained that they are analyzing some options, although nothing has been confirmed. The plan is that within three or four years there will be renewals of the Airbus A350, A330 and A320.

I think there will be good changes in the medium term. “These are always long-term operations,” he concluded.

Last updated on 03/14/2023 – 6:49 PM