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Buffalo Wild Wings customer sues chain, claiming boneless wings are really just chicken nuggets

Buffalo Wild Wings customer sues chain, claiming boneless wings are really just chicken nuggets

A man from Chicago by name Ayman Halim, sued the Buffalo Wild Wings chain because, according to him, the boneless wings are really just chicken nuggets..

According to AL.com, the man said, “It’s not wings at all, but strips of chicken breast fried as wings. In fact, the products are more similar, in texture, with chicken nuggets than chicken wings.”

The lawsuit alleges that Buffalo Wild Wings falsely and misleadingly advertises its boneless wings and says the product name should be changed and advertised differently on the menu.

The complaint was filed Friday in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

On the Buffalo Wild Wings menu, it says that boneless chicken wings are lightly breaded white meat. It is estimated that the chain sells about 100 million suites annually.

The lawsuit says Ayman Halim suffered a financial year to buy chicken wings that weren’t actually chicken. If he had known, he says, he would not have bought it or paid much less.

“This obvious case of deceptive advertising must not be allowed, as consumers must be able to trust the obvious meaning of the product name and receive what they are promised,” Halim said, according to the New York Post.

According to the legal documents, The suit seeks a jury trial and penalties for Buffalo Wild Wings, including an unspecified amount of punitive damages, attorneys’ fees, and any other fines determined by the judge.As compensation for the alleged deception with chicken wings.

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