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“It's easy and quick and a lot of people do it”

“It's easy and quick and a lot of people do it”

A young man of Latino descent resides Connecticut, USAHe shared a way Simple way to earn extra dollars And it has inspired others to create a positive impact on the environment as an alternative.

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Leonardo Schwarz

through your account TikTokUser ID @azteca182Where shared a video Collect plastic bottles from garbage and then sell them in machines Encourages recycling in exchange for a few cents per container.

The young man shared The process of earning money through recyclingAs these machines also provide dollars for other items Chelam, glass and aluminum. “I see a lot of people doing it. If I don't have work I do it, and sometimes I do.

Machines They can deliver from 10 cents per containerDepending on the material they are made from, they may have a potential to pollute the environment.

“It's a great way to make money if you're not working. It's easy and quick as you go to parks and collect bottles Even if it's for food, you're going to get it,” said the man.

The video has generated a lot of interest among social media users, not only among immigrants but also residents of the United States They don't even know these recycling machines exist Now that will allow you to earn a few extra dollars by contributing to the environment.

Earn extra money in USA in this simple way:

Latin reveals how to make quick and easy money in America

How to Make Money Recycling Bottles in America

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Many states in the US have different ones Schemes to promote recyclingBy paying for each item offered or with points redeemable for products and services.

In states like New York and Oregon There are reimbursement programs of five cents for each plastic bottle and 10 cents for aluminum cans, which are recovered in special containers.

Located in California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act Since 1986 it has offered an economic incentive for every container recycled, while other states like Connecticut, Maine, Michigan, Hawaii, Iowa, Massachusetts And Vermont They have similar guidelines.

But these types of vending machines and programs are not unique to the United States. Germany The model was quickly adopted, becoming the first country in the world to encourage its citizens to recycle Denmark, Belgium, Norway and more than 40 countries.