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A deplorable action against the settlers in San Diego would close the great advantage

A deplorable action against the settlers in San Diego would close the great advantage

A Temporary Immigrant Reception Center in San Diego, CaliforniaIt has provided essential services to thousands of people arriving in the region in recent months, Can close earlier than expected Same week.

Especially with the large number of migrants who have passed through the area in recent weeks. The resources allocated for the space have been exhausted May close a month earlier than expected.

“As the number of migrants arriving at the center has increased significantly in recent weeks, Our limited resources are stretched to the limit“, said Kathy LempOr, president of SBCS, the nonprofit organization that manages the center.

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Victor Hugo Alvarado

s districtSan Diego allocated $6 million To support the growing number of immigrants The border between the United States and Mexico and released into the community by Border Patrol agents. Officials estimate they have arrived since September 100 thousand immigrants to the regionMany of them are seeking asylum.

This fund helped provide welcome centers in San Diego Services like transport, food and internet for migrants Although coming to the region, funding for these locations was expected to last until the end of March.

Asylum seekers at the San Citro Port of Entry in San Diego, California, USA on January 4, 2024.  US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will resume commercial and legal travel at four official US-Mexico crossings.  Jupiter's border has recently been partially or fully closed due to record numbers of migrants crossing.  Photographer: Carlos Moreno/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Immigrants at a bus stop in San Diego

Bloomberg via Getty Images

“When we took on the challenge of this work last October, we knew two things: It spoke to the heart of our work. It was for a limited time. We look forward to continuing to work with the district and our partners Find more resources to keep the center openIt prevents hundreds of people every day from being stranded in San Diego without the support they need to continue their journey,” Lembo said.

Reception centers face closure and migrants are abandoned

Now the reception centers are closing earlier than planned and their administrators are in a dilemma. Faced with the problem of knowing what to do with immigrants If that comes and many end up on the streets of San Diego.

“That's the problem here The fund was expected to last until the end of March. “We have to figure out how to respond and make sure people are left without information and resources,” he said. Pedro RiosDirector of the US-Mexico Border for the American Friends Service Group.

Before these centers opened, migrants arriving at the border had to wait outside for hours. Border Patrol Take it for processing. Later, the company has provided them to public transport stations.

But despite the creation of these places, Padrilla refused to take the migrants to these places, so they had to hire buses to transport them to the centers.

Border Patrol San Diego Field 24,709 migrants were arrested in JanuaryLast December was 34,372, a normal decrease considering the time of year.

Asylum seekers wait in line to be processed by Border Patrol agents at a temporary camp near the eastern US-Mexico border in Jacumba, San Diego County, California, on January 2, 2024.  (Photo by Guillermo Arias / AFP) / AFP via Getty Images

Migrants are detained by Border Patrol agents

AFP via Getty Images

They have demanded that the central government should intervene

Jim DesmondDistrict Board Supervisor, It sought the intervention of the central government Due to the increase in the number of migrants coming to the region, the cost of meeting their needs has increased as the numbers have increased.

Desmond noted further Homelessness is a serious problem in San Diego That could increase as thousands of migrants arrive and the reception centers disappear.

“This failure falls squarely on the central government. Initially we received 300 to 400 migrants per day, but Now we are looking at 800 to 900. As more money was spent, the number of immigrants increased,” Desmond said in a statement.

We already face a serious homelessness problem, “More thousands of people coming to our streets will exacerbate this crisis,” he added.

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